I've added full transcripts for all past episodes of the Artists and Hackers podcast.

I researched best practices and tried to implement it but I'm open to hearing feedback.

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@exquisitecorp that's awesome! adding them to my reading list :tealheart:

@exquisitecorp really excited to get into this! ive always been interested in the intersection of art and tech (because im so lost on the tech side though i don't want to be) and this looks fun! also really love the hand as the mouse it was so surprising and now im just waving it around the site

@exquisitecorp Things that might be a problem:

The document is malformed. At line 269 you have another doctype and html element

There's a lot going on on the website, might be good to disable hover animations and the scrolling background with

Your heading hierarchy might make the page difficult to navigate with a screenreader. I find the HeadingsMap addon useful for visualising this (and sometimes just for browsing)

@exquisitecorp I've always found HTML kinda lacking when marking-up interviews. Feels like it's missing some syntax for that case :(

@gamemakingtools Thanks for all this! Okay, I just spent about 30 minutes and tried to fix this bug. Here's what I came up with:

I had to create my own raw_html template for pandoc to use during my build phase when I convert markdown to html for each transcript, and then I used on all past transcripts. Next I tried the HeadingsMap and seemed to fix the hierarchy issues I think.

I'll spend more time studying prefers-reduced-motion that you linked me to, and then will likely make changes. thx!

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