My proposed talk "Fantasy Filing Systems: Interactive Narratives of the Operating System" was accepted for the Narrascope conference this summer! :)

I'll talk about game systems in file systems, shell, dialog box games, and the like, show example games and systems, and how I integrate this into my undergrad classes.

The conference and talks will be streamed online.


Some of the things I'm thinking of:
Foldscape (Porpentine)
Folder Poetry (Melanie Hoff)
Oasis VR ( @notplants )
Adventure Game OS ( @jameschip spec)
Secret Sound Shop (created in Linux dialog, by me),
All Your Time-Tossed Selves (Porpentine, created in Google forms)
ExoColony (created in html web forms, by me)
AppleScript poem-games by my students

would love to find out more suggestions in this space as well

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@exquisitecorp I would love to hear this talk if it is recorded because it sounds really interesting!

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