Narrascope was fun! My talk Fantasy Filing Systems: Interactive Narratives of the OS is now available online here:

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@exquisitecorp i really like your command line section. i feel like it's a workshop folx from solar protocol network would benefit from (since we all have RPis!)

@exquisitecorp i really enjoyed the zalgo text use :) that is a throwback. if you're doing it yourself in html and css, you can also make it so that a visual reader can see the zalgo, but a screen reader would be able to read it normally, which is nice i think!.

another use of google forms is to make virtual "escape rooms" or "murder mysteries" which we used a lot during the first year of remote school. the harry potter one is chiefly what comes to mind.

which also reminds me of this SQL murder mystery my friend told me abt

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