anyone have ideas on how to get audio out of my microcassette recorder? it's not a standard 3.5mm jack out but like 2.55mm? it has a built-in tiny speaker out, maybe i could hold it up to a sm-57 or other mic with an audio interface and re-record it?

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I walked past a turntable/tube amp/cassette deck repair shop and peeked my head in. The owner showed me around the shop and searched until he found an adaptor and gave it to me. He was actually closed, about to head to DJ a festival. He had a v1 iPad in a suitcase, wired to a tube amp and also a built in fog machine. The metal industrial throw switches turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Pretty ridiculous.

@exquisitecorp you should be able to get an adapter or cable for that at a local electronics shop, the size isn't that uncommon. recording off the speaker would be pretty shit I imagine?

@exquisitecorp If it's a true 2.5mm jack, you can get an adapter for those from places like Monoprice for real cheap. I got one for my TI calculator and it works great. If we're in the same part of the world, would be happy to lend you mine, too


i don't know your ee skills, but there's prolly a way to take the wires going to the little speaker and rewire those to a 3.5mm jack ...

youtube (apparently) has a bunch of videos on this

good luck!

@exquisitecorp I have a few of these adapters they are an old standard for the mini cassette recorders. they are also used on some older headphones. you can get a simple adapter that lets you plug in a regular mini plug

@exquisitecorp wow that’s some intense old-tech repurposing there. Very cool

@exquisitecorp Coool 🤩 I love custom set-ups in a suitcase.

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