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Rebuilt my Shield. Fell in love with it again after 30 seconds.

Recently put my hand on this beautiful book about Erte’. Both the content and the book itself are incredible art pieces.
Franco Maria Ricci was an amazing publisher and graphic designer. Unfortunately, he recently passed away.
Gifted this book to my girlfriend, but I’m willing to acquire more of his work.

Bought a used Anne Pro 2 for 29€. Key 4 doesn’t work, I’ll try to fix it!

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@epilys Yes, I got to pick it up for free at the railway's recycling center :)

It's standing in our living room.

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@neauoire sources? I usually wander around unsplash but I’m never fully satisfied

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Third Branch

If canopy
was ground
and ground
was sky
from your branch
and wonder why

#smallpoems for #writeout

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"very clever, but could i do that without buying new stuff?"

@neauoire nice one :tealheart:
on RPI i had problems with libasan which were ignored using the build (fast) portion of the build script.

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Very interesting visualisation about wealth inequality - and excellent references!


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