Hello to all Merveilles people!

My name is Stefan.

I am programming enthusiast that works in a computer graphics industry. I like to tinker with different things most of which are game making and visual experiences.

I find communities such as Merveilles really inspiring.

The last personal project I did was a demo for demoscene competition

Sometimes I enjoy trying innovative ways of development:

It is not super-comfy for typing, but it is nice looking and portability is awesome.

@fanna what an intriguing picture to introduce yourself, me gusto mucho. (sorry for hijacking from a different instance.) May I briefly ask about the setup? A bluetooth keyboard I'd guess? Is the "stand" diy-ed? I can imagine this coming in really handy if I'd somehow manage to sync my .org-stuff onto my mobile device. Anyhow, welcome to the fediverse :D

Thanks :) Nice to be here!
Termux is used for emulating linux terminal, as for keyboard (it is bluetooth and it has really nice battery life) and stand I just found some cheap options on aliexpress (to be precise this one –> and I think this stand –

@fanna Ah, I see. Thanks :) From the picture I thought it's a stand-keyboard-holder combination, now I see it's a foldable keyboard and a seperate stand. Thanks!

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