Considering simulating some variation of IP theft. Closed's tech grows every time Open's does. Open's tech does not grow every time Closed's does. Not sure about this though. The original inventor always has a bit of an advantage, and ideas don't grow very well in the shade.

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Wait how do they make powerstations and miners. Shit.
Uhhhh hearts make them (should I just do like starcraft and make hearts be miners :{ )

There are also going to need to be some units that can operate off-grid. I'm not sure how much scouting there should be in this though. A force that's really interested in protecting its privacy can really fog things up with radio jamming and by shooting down any satellites as soon as they go up

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Considering making a minimal wargame to explore the effects of information assymetries

I am fairly serious about pursuing this design, btw, if anyone wants to help me to build a pitch for a producer, then spend the next 5 years of my life directing an auckland-based team in making a game about exploring beautiful alien crypts, we should straight up do it

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sketch of a creature designed half asleep as one of the constructs you'd meet in the concept that's been fermenting in my disappointment with the halo series' stagnation, which we might call Halo: But Instead Progressing The Theme of The Exhumation of Hidden Secrets From Hostile Arcologies

@body @neauoire @cblgh did you listen to that mindscape interview with Kwame Anthony Appiah? Is it possible he mentioned it in relation to cosmopolitanism? (Dracula is quite xenophobic in theme)

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Okay I checked my phone's browser history and I think what happened was @body did a toot about... I think, ambient music that sounds like recordings of an oubliette, so I looked that up, which lead to thoughts about dark castles... which... and then I downloaded it from gutenburg. But this doesn't seem like enough. None of these pages *mention* dracula

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Like seriously if anyone has any information as to what might have set this off, please tell us, because the leading hypothesis is going to have to be that a vampire visited us all then blanked our memories

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A lot of us are reading Dracula right now and nobody knows why.

Spent another Period trying to make a programming language. I think if I were brendon eich when he was tasked with making a programming language for the web in 10 days, I would have simply not made anything

"The glowing hot brilliance that created our ruins is long gone."

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I don't know if "criticism" can be rehabilitated. The mating together of the concept of the expert and the concept of the detractor will keep hurting a lot of people.

I imagine a better world where instead, a reflection is made of the term "fan", which no longer means "one who likes", now means "one who knows (and probably had to like, on some level, to come to know so well)"

@somnius if I find out how to increase the char limit and poll option limit will you accept the pull request

Tomato paste, spirulina powder, dried garlic granules, chives, salt, paprika, water, olive oil

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Dark Sauce. A pasta sauce made with a bunch of spirulina. One of the best applications of spirulina that I've found so far.

@neauoire I just had a thought about compressed air energy storage, in the process of trying to disparage it.

Could it be made highly efficient if you harvested the heat from compression immediately when you need to power some devices (is there enough heat to harvest it?), then only drew power at the rate that the heat from the environment can provide (maybe use a pump that "warms" the compressed air with seawater it keep it decompressing?)

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Are we at the point where the products of projects like this can be Fast Enough For Most Users (FEFMU) yet?

Eagerly awaiting.

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