@neauoire I just had a thought about compressed air energy storage, in the process of trying to disparage it.

Could it be made highly efficient if you harvested the heat from compression immediately when you need to power some devices (is there enough heat to harvest it?), then only drew power at the rate that the heat from the environment can provide (maybe use a pump that "warms" the compressed air with seawater it keep it decompressing?)

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I want some. Growing stuff in a bag of chips is probably a lot more effective than drilling dowels into a log like I did.

"enforces immune system"
If that's true, it doesn't sound like something that would be healthy. Usually the immune system activates in response to bad things.

Are we at the point where the products of projects like libresilicon.com this can be Fast Enough For Most Users (FEFMU) yet?

Eagerly awaiting.

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Important thing for all who can see this.

If someone confronts you on your racism or sexism... that means that they like you enough and trust you enough to hear and listen.

If they didn't think you were redeemable, if they didn't think you were worth it, they would roll their eyes and just avoid you. Block on sight, shut down in conversation.

If we confront you about it, no matter how bruskly it may seem. It means that we legitimately think you are better.

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The futurist part of my brain is certain that Isabel Fall's helicopter story, and its context, are going to be taught in history classes in 100 years, anyway

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In your mind, when you envision yourself in the year 3000, you're living in a suburb, in a world that is still fundamentally of houses and streets, but with a languid spaceship hovering in the background, and a computer that has some fucking holograms or something. Your body is still Normal, you are still A Man and everyone you know is either A Man or A Woman or A Queer (but the Queers are now accepted by everyone, because every Queer just happens to be a bastion of unproblematic clean-living)

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I have a copy of Sign, and would like to give it away to a member of the Merveilles community. It wasn't a hit with the folks I intended to play with, but it's a beautifully crafted game and I would like it to have a home where it'll be played and enjoyed.

5+ players, role play, abstract, philosophical.

Read about it here: thornygames.com/pages/sign

Free and nsa to the first interested responder.

The smog from the queensland fires, now drifting over auckland, gives the impression of an intense, unending sunset. For who does the sun set, and for who might it return?

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Y2K was a huge issue in computing that was replicated among many systems worldwide. The reason why the world at large never saw anything bad occur was that a lot of people worked extremely hard to update afflicted systems.

Developers who had worked on mainframe systems writing code in languages that hadn't been used in one of more decades came out of retirement and worked overtime.

And once it was fixed... that was it. Nothing happened. Nobody ran articles talking about this enormous effort.

Considering different ways of representing the riddle tree expressions..
I think the one on the right presents a balance of intuitiveness and aesthetic, but it's more complicated and I think sometimes it will jut out horizontally and mess up my layout and... how do I restructure if it juts out too far. I can just not write formulas that do. But I'd rather not have to think about it.

Wanting the house to smell festive, but not really wanting to destroy a small pine tree, I've been thinking about buying a pine scent. It's probably going to be essential oil.

What if I put the scent... on myself

Tribe as heck

The Friend suffered a severe illness in 1776 and reported having died and been reanimated as a genderless evangelist named the Public Universal Friend, and afterwards shunned both birth name and gendered pronouns. In androgynous clothes, the Friend preached throughout the northeastern United States, attracting many followers who became the Society of Universal Friends.

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imagine being the prehistoric person who first told a story that involved someone shapeshifting into many forms and a wily protagonist capturing them


Spirulina seems like an extremely aesthetically correct food

I wonder if it could be bred to take unnaturally high quantities of light and sequester that CO2 faster

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the other day i was thinking “a weighted blanket is like armor for sleep” and then “haha ‘armor for sleep’ sounds like some kind of indie band” and then i looked it up and apparently they disbanded in 2009 lol

Oh wow, yeah, okay I've actually thought mean things about the diversions of aging explorers because of this, and I now realise those diversions were just suffering the inevitable regression to the mean that any earnest continuation of exploration would

[fucked up puzzle designer laughter]

(don't worry the rest of this level is really smooth and nurturing)

Instead of messing around with weak logical operators like AND, NOT, OR, and IMPLIES, crycog is just going to use the simplest and best logical operator NAND for everything

I guess this is mainly a paralysing thing to say, so I'll try to add some advice...

We will never have consulted enough people. We will never stop finding radical new ways of knowing. We will never be able to easily distinguish cranks from fresh geniuses, just as surely as some ideas are difficult to assess, so will be methods.

Decent people will always disagree.

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