Oh shit I just realised the reason the three year old in my tribe calls all media "teak" is probably drawing from the word "teat" and that is slightly disturbing. I thought they'd just attached a random sound to a meaningful conceptual category that hadn't been well named for them, as any well-raised culture-creator would, but it's really about the compulsive pursuit of constant entertainment, the phone and its media has been casted as a kind of teat, a teat that the zoomer might never outgrow.

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If you have some favourite words in any language, I'd love to hear about them :)

There was always a period of crushing tedium, during production.

Sometimes it feels like it might all be made meaningful in retrospect, every moment of idle curiosity, consumption, every moment spent being lost, craving, every little thing turning out to be a crucial preparation leading up to a single grand purpose. I'll listen to that feeling, but I can't yet believe it.

Phrase your political ideology in the most ridiculous possible way to first bait the social capital mills into making fun of it and advertising it for you and, second, to provoke the development of a sneer-penetrating intersubjectivity as people look through the veneer and find sense, and are emboldened to look for sense in other ridiculous-sounding things as well, and third, to repel the people who will never develop that intersubjectivity

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you should be able to fusion two mastodon accounts together temporarily

It's not so bad, explaining things to machines. They have no preconceptions, they hear exactly what you said, and they never forget what you told them.

If worst comes to worst I can just submit this spare one I made last year

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Sometimes a short phrase will repeat in my head, usually it seems stupid at the time, a peculiar name, a pithy phrase like "time passes". Usually turns out to be significant in some way later on. I wonder who this sector of the mind is, who says these things. A remnant of bicameralism?

I can report that the bull kelp powder that @rek gave me can be used to reduce (though not eliminate) the flatulence of bean dishes. I wonder if nori or kombu would also work.

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The fact that some sort of conception of fairies or spirits or gods or whathaveyou is virtually universal to every culture can be explained by two psychological phenomena, paredolia and anthropomorphization.

Any game that can get people to enjoy peacetime enough to engage in organised play wars to defend a microcosm of a state, or to take part in experimental economic systems and engage in alternative political systems, would be insanely useful for figuring out what works

This was a really good episode 80000hours.org/podcast/episode

Glen weyl wants creators and game designers to help to explore and promote his civic mechanism proposals for a broad audience and I'm super interested in that kind of work

@body wait so what I was getting at is, what if we took a pre-existing work and tried to reduce it to a ten page webcomic or something, but still make it comprehensible and still make it hit just as hard. Banks seems like a good subject.

Often feel like there's a huge potential for brain-meltingly concentrated media, like gestural intro sequences, animated logos and poetry for a straight hour, unrelenting.

If you can muster the competence to keep your audience on the train of comprehension for that long, they will still black out from the strain at the 15 minute mark, but I hope that this will only make critics more impressed.

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One of the things I really love about @bee's paint scrap photos is that it demonstrates that it does not even take conscious intent to produce paint splatter art. As I understand it, all of those are a byproduct of an industrial process. How much of this beauty radiating from the work is a reflection of the artist's inner life? Literally none.

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