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I'm sort of obsessed with non-destructive construction aesthetic. No nails, no glues, everything connected with bolts and clamps and joinery, no wire ever laid in a place you wont be able to reach later, nothing permanent, everything renegotiable.

Follow these principles and experimentation will have no material costs.

I don't know how practical it is, but I was raised on Lego and Data and an edict of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and so I do not know if I can live well any other way, I just need it

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new newsletter just came out!

> to catch up on current and previously-current events this edition is perhaps a bit supersized. Better grab a pot of coffee or tea and get reading before it's lost among your tabs, never to be found.

WorkSafeBC accident investigations are actually solidly structured horror media imo

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Ecko is a fork of Mastodon with extra features requested by the community.

How does it compare?

Interesting. A distributed ledger so performant and flexible and parallelizable that it seems directly comparable to (and maybe mostly a superset of) Spritely Goblins?

Only remaining flaw is that every host has to store the full history. It seems fixable, but... they've spent a lot of energy accomodating it, with this memory refunding regulation stuff, instead of fixing it, which worries me.

these two (yamasa soy sauce (most recommended at japanmart) and colmans mustard powder) alone produce an entirely legit dipping sauce for soba (soba not shown because it's a disaster (kibble)) acute mustard is most of the flavor of false wasabi

We were talking about compressed air energy storage a while ago around here:
It seems like people have solved the problem with losses to temperature change during compression, using a second fluid to capture, retain, and restore the heat once it's needed for decompression:

On top of iron-air batteries, I think lithium batteries for grid storage are not going to be a thing soon. Exciting.

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There is now a mastodon instance for linguists, philologists, and other language lovers:

@argr Cursed political ideology concept: Marioists. Valorize and idealize the life of an independent contractor. Call themselves Mushroom Landers (MLs)
(Radical Moderate Liberalism (what would such a thing mean??)).

One of the noodles somehow tied itself in a knot, and I untied the knot because I didn't want to eat it???

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why is Kikkoman so peerless among traditionally brewed soy sauces? Comparing it to Yamasa (which I might describe as being "undomesticated") I sometimes wonder if Kikkoman lying about being brewed in the same way. Are we *sure* they're not adding sugar and msg? It tastes too good.

(enjoying this soba with mustard powder in the dipping sauce a lot)

had cold soba noodles with dashi and shoyu. I think it really has to be had cold (during summer) to be understood. I didn't get it until now.

Glad to learn of Afaik, true invite-only subreddit has never been tried, so let's try it, it could be very good. I'm "faun" on there.

Overall I'm noticing that they, or this recent funding thing, consistently demand a privacy-focus, which means it would probably be hard to convince them to fund tasteweb stuff. (Tasteweb is mainly about improving global dialogs and curation processes, with manual accountability between people who know each other as the optimization force, so there isn't really much of a place for privacy there.)

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- open source Trusted Computing hardware and software. Deliciously post-stallman and transparency promoting. This sort of thing could be very useful for improving the efficiency, flexibility, and privacy of transparent distributed computation.

- Ah! Reproducible builds! Also a crucial vaguely post-stallman oss thing (once you systematize decentralized build verification, there is no longer a freedom argument for source-based distribution.)

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Glanced over some of the projects nlnet is funding whose summaries contained the keyword "trust". Some notable finds:

- a proposal to get reliable crowdsourced trust scores while preserving the privacy of raters. Worried that trying to have both of those qualities at once is ruinous idealism, but the techniques they're using sound hip enough that I can believe they might have done it.

@grey Oh I forgot to mention at the thing, we didn't end up getting funding for the VR venue. The regranter did allocate a lot to Hamp, and hamp wanted to assign a lot of it to the VR world, but then the granters above retracted the funding saying that they generally don't let regranters spend that much on communitybuilding and we all had to grieve x]. Hamp keeps saying "think small".

@grey This is the tea I lent you, you can get it at most japan stores it's actually the least great japanese tea (would it be "bancha"?) I've had so I'd recommend trying different stuff.
If I've gotten you interested in japanese tea, you might also be interested in this short but beautiful documentary about the aging villages that a lot of it comes from

Had a lovely Dream Shrine meet in person yesterday with @cuddlepunk, @grey, diana and sergio yesterday.
Identified some deep problems underlying the whole concept of my board game =D looking forward to processing that!

Sergio and I went on to Dice and Fork and I finally played Calico, which turns out to work pretty great when you remove the "player with most points wins" line and treat it as an optimization/negotiation game.

@spritelyinst Something I haven't gotten from spritely's docs so far (please tell me if I just missed something) is a concrete example - or a common class of situations - where we would need distributed transaction rollback. It does seem to me like it would be useful, but I'd like to be certain, I'd like to be able to explain to others why we can't just keep relying completely on local exception handling or whatever. Right now I just have a vague intuition about emergent complexity.

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