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I'm sort of obsessed with non-destructive construction aesthetic. No nails, no glues, everything connected with bolts and clamps and joinery, no wire ever laid in a place you wont be able to reach later, nothing permanent, everything renegotiable.

Follow these principles and experimentation will have no material costs.

I don't know how practical it is, but I was raised on Lego and Data and an edict of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and so I do not know if I can live well any other way, I just need it

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Praises to @salamander

bring me your dreams so that I may make them kings and queens and presidents and, Musicians

There is a great need for funding for solar radiation management research. Fuck the taboo. This is something we will probably need if we want to prevent every single forest from desertifying.

(It would be nice if there were a system in place where whoever funds the research could be paid back by governments if the research pans out and convinces them to use it. I can't imagine a situation where those people shouldn't be paid back.)

Learning about Nix OS

Apparently it figures out which packages are ongoing dependencies for something by scanning all of its result files for nix package paths or nix hashes. Things are pretty much never explicitly declared as runtime dependencies, it's just assumed that if the reference is there, it uses it.

I'm feeling very uncomfortable but I'm unable to argue that something is definitely wrong so I am remaining in the room

Just heard that Taiwan gives everyone two legal name changes for free 💢 Taiwan, please administer my country

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Aubrey Tang's Taiwan is so competent that they should be allowed to expand into neighboring states. I am furious that this is not how the world works.

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@maxdeviant I was thinking about Nix a lot yesterday as I faced the grim reality that snapd might never run properly on my debian box. Something has to change.

I can find little evidence that snapd works on nix, though. The project wants to support snap, but still apparently doesn't.

Alright! I'm posting it! Here!

A design for a better kind of social tool for information discovery and discussion!

I'm fairly sure we should make it!

@syntacticsugarglider this isn't important cause I'm pretty sure I have a workaround, but it bugs me a lot that this doesn't work.

What would I even search to find out what is going wrong with the borrowchecker here
Do you know what its deal is? Does this case have a name or some objective criteria by which I could have anticipated that the borrow checker would have a problem with this prior to it yelling at me?

Part of the reason we are going to need nuclear it is that we also are definitely going to need to do a lot of energy-intensive direct air capture (DAC) and storage. A good article about that is

Unlike solar radiation management, decarbonisation can't just be done by an enlightened few. It will need to be a global shift. You and I have a lot of evangelism to do.

I am going to start by reading Nuclear 2.0 and learning about the new reactors. They sound neat.

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Mark Lynas "thinks that once you believe in a climate emergency, you have to rethink your opposition to nuclear energy."

"You end up with nowhere else to go"

"I know people in Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and all of these mainstream groups who know perfectly well that you’ve got to have nuclear as a major part of the mix to solve climate change, but they would be sacked if they said so"

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My new video series, World's Least Haunted Places, proves wildly successful amongst the Wimp community

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Calculating cultural semiotics so intensely that the sweat on my head is turned to steam. The other meditators break their concentration and scramble away. A whirlwind briefly churns, and then goes silent. My eyes snap open. Slavoj Zizek is the Wonderbread Guy

Does Arcosanti have a mastodon??

(arcosanti is this and it's one of the most beautiful things and it must be protected)

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Wondering whether I really like amaranth chickpeas, or whether my body has become confused and thinks it's extraordinarily high in vitamin D because I started taking supplements with it at around the same time I started making it

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@clacke @xj9 The tabletop game that I've been developing, Witching Lands, is about this. Means to violence play a role in it, but if the players are good at the game, they will never be used.

Violence mostly only happens if the negotiation process gets lost in such pathological delusions that it benefits a person to step outside of it and act directly. An extreme event, for advanced players it should never happen. I look forward to finding out if that "should" holds together in reality.

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"A physical confrontation occurs due to the failure of all rational means of intellectual negotiation and is the most degrading event in which a martial artist can become involved. It means you must resort to physical rather than mental skills to protect yourself, which can be construed as a failure from the philosophical standpoint."

-- George Kirby

It feels kinda dirty though cause these marketplaces are not transparent at all, 2/3 aliexpress sellers will lie about at least one feature of the product, and there will be no environmental or labor condition audits to be seen anywhere.

But for a lot of stuff I don't think there's really an alternative. A lot of the physical stores you'll go to buy their stuff from aliexpress and so are just as bad and even less transparent and are also ripping you off.

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Should I make a subreddit for merveilles-adjacent people to curate aliexpress (and amazon?)

We generally have better taste (both for usability and aesthetic) than its recommender algorithm, so I think it would be useful

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