Exerpt From a removed feature spec:

"They are the identifiers which a person can only plausibly earn about thirty of in the course of their life. They are the qualities that separate us, that must separate us, the chasms that cannot ever be filled, they are the names of the peaks of our cleft species, the tribes, the professions, the rarely endowed gnoses"

@faun sounds like someone woke up thinking, “I’m Borges today.”


And maybe they were but that’s beside the point

@rezmason The more I think about this thing the more I think that yesterday(me) might have been right, that it really needs to be that ambitious


@rezmason The goal is to make a place where every extremely online person in the world can talk to each other, with the unique twist that, good things happen as a result of them talking, instead of bad things, as is currently standard.

There are many really difficult problems with that.

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