Suddenly internalised the oppressive reality of the existence of math.

We can prove that there exist sequences of letters that not even god could compress.

We can prove that there are true statements that not even god could prove.

No one will ever do those things.

The universe is FULL of METAPHYSICAL WALLS that NOTHING can ever break through ⬛ 💀

@faun have you checked out Ted Chiang’s stories of your life?

@faun its a book of short stories in the same vain as the movies. Addressing technology and humans and how it changes our perception.

@faun Hmmm. If "god" is outside the simulation then there's a likelihood that they could do it by utilizing processing power outside the simulation. If "god" isn't outside the simulation then it's not really "god", is it?
🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

@alexandria_ For these problems it's not for a lack of computing power, they're more like.. asking for a pair of (non-imaginary) numbers that multiply to zero and add to two, it's a paradoxical entity. A solution can't exist.

Although I do think many theologeans have a conception of god that 'transcends mathematical consistency'... I consider that equivalent to saying "Whatever 'God' is, I can't reason about it (no one can)"

@alexandria_ Omg there totally is such a pair of numbers why couldn't I think of a better example.

Add to zero and multiply to two, there. Probably.

@faun Oh no, I didn't mean like, pure computing power, but 'outside our universe' might very well mean outside of our systems of thought and logic as well. as soon as you get into 'god' territory everything breaks down

@alexandria_ Hmm. An infinite computation-time hypercomputer would be able to prove or disproof any theorem, but it wouldn't be able to compress the uncompressable strings or answer a paradox. I've always thought studying hypercomputers was a bit silly... although, if there were just one narrow class of life-supporting lawsofphysics that supported it..... huhhh holy shit the two models of anthropic measure (mass, count) predict very different things.. 🌀

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