Most people seem to assume that there is a big respectable group of people who've pooled all of the important information together and know most of the things that there are important to know, but that has never been true, and it still isn't.

Civics isn't just a matter of identifying the good people and listening to them. Those people don't exist. There is no center.


I guess this is mainly a paralysing thing to say, so I'll try to add some advice...

We will never have consulted enough people. We will never stop finding radical new ways of knowing. We will never be able to easily distinguish cranks from fresh geniuses, just as surely as some ideas are difficult to assess, so will be methods.

Decent people will always disagree.

@faun Appendix: disagreement is not inherently a problem.

It is the way through which we discover the limits of our thought, so that we can improve upon it, create new thoughts, and progress.

Blind agreement and trust in an aligned subset of people is a much deeper problem, and a big source of paralysis.

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