While scrounging for plain black sweatshirt recommendations (still looking), I decided to check in on our aesthetic cousins, lot2046, known for their standard issue minimal industrialgoth subscription service.

Found a lot of baffling shit that deserves a complete discussion rather than a side-eye from someone who doesn't know them very well, although one thing that I would like to report is that they are trying to make this trailer home thing and it cute.

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@faun This is Artemy Lebedev. The self-proclaimed Russian design auteur from the 90's-2k era, rebranded. Same guy that made the keyboard with a screen in every key that never happened.

Scrolled through to the very end to see "THERE IS HOPE
Peddling futuristic yet disposable product design for unnecessary items as some kind of salvation for humanity is as lowbrow as marketing a tiny knife as "tactical gear"

@faun Lets not pretend that shit is anything but just more plastic. Except shiny black is out, matte black is in this time around.
I wish that companies like this stopped the Jonny Ive rhetoric. It's just product, and it doesn't matter. An electric toothbrush won't change the world, get over it.
/endrant hahaha

@nomand Ah, I wouldn't have made the connection.

I sometimes accuse people of having purely aesthetic ideologies, never aspiring to distinguish symbol from referent, impression from reality. In some cases though, impression is all we want. Lot was always an art project. This, though? Yeah, this too. They choose not to give any details about what kind of features it's going to have or why we should get excited, we should relate to it as art piece.

@faun The futurepod trailer house looks cool. But it's just a flash card in a product roll of bluetooth speakers, portable battery banks, edc gear and such.
I can't look at it and not think "product" especially if the creator puts it in front of me and says "think art".
Art enjoys the functions of re-contextualization and reappropriation. But that job is made a lot harder, sitting on a supermarket shelf in the "sugary health foods" section.

@nomand But you know a large part of the themes of the work is its productness? Look at the wristband thing, visible seams, look at the registration marks, the spartan forms, the plasticness is all supposed to be there, this stuff is about the industrial process, scale and homogeneity and ideally (this is its only utopian aspect) ubiquity, it *should* be in supermarkets, it is a study of a dreamed perfected design being produced at such high scale as to become post-scarce

@nomand Hey yeah! Continue this line of thought in context: What if they could mass produce trailer homes so much that it lead to bearing out the dream of the now defunct Kasita, ubiquitous affordable modular housing! It would be much easier to attack the root problem of rent! It thrives on housing scarcity! Charter cities would be built in the desert overnight!

@faun Directed by Lebedev, that dude is kinda nuts :))

@faun Very big Death Stranding vibe. Neat setup but a window that big on the side would be difficult to ensure it doesn’t crack with the motion of the trailer.

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