Sci fi author and historian Ada Palmer's passion for the history of thought is fully transmitted, here, extremely good interview

I teared up a couple of times during this because it's... it's essentially the story of our creation, not the biological part, the intellectual part, and I hadn't heard this part of it before, she shows us each of the sparks that had to take before any of our unprecedented hopes could birth


I didn't find what she had to say about the singularity all that incisive though, the fact that the interview took place on this goofy singularity podcast is kind of just funny.

I get this weird sense of indifference from technohistorians about the AGI phase shift. Despite studying technological phase shifts their whole lives they sort of don't seem interested in trying to exercise any agency and apprehend one before becoming subject to it.

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But I dunno. Apparently there's going to be a fourth book in the Terra Ignota series after the third that's coming soon. So far, Terra Ignota has dealt a lot with the longtermist archetype (The Utopians), living gods, technological power assymetries, war and peace, that's all extremely relevant to alignmentism, so she might get into it eventually. And a bunch of popular accounts of longtermist x-risk came out recently that someone has hopefully gotten her to read..

(oh wait no yeah, three books have already come through, I was confused by the way she was talking about the fourth because I thought it had already been pretty much finished, but I think she suggests it's receiving more work?)

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