If we had a big shared permissioned graph database, how powerful and concise could we make a language for specifying views or user interfaces over it?

I think this kind of system has the potential to be *really really good*, the web should have been like this, but the HTML + JS clownshow wont ever get there, it moves too slow. We could outrun it.

(the language shown here should have underscores in the names but I wanted them to be shorter than regular underscores but then couldn't be bothered drawing them in so I left them out sorry.

it might have to do a bit more to distinguish type names from field names from parameter names, I do have things in mind.)

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@faun "permission graph" sounds a lot like what Spritely is aiming for.

@csepp link? It's not a web of trust (but would hopefully contain a few) Graph database with read/write permissions. This would be sufficient for most purposes.

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