An unprofessional recipe for the staple meal I have been scarfing for like 2 months now, Amaranth Chickpea:
(I might update the review once I've measured and perfected the quantities involved)

"may well be at the very optimum of nutrition, taste, ease of cooking and affordability"

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Hm. Nope, not a complete protein apparently: "Amaranth grain is deficient in essential amino acids such as leucine and threonine[9][10] – (both of which are present in wheat germ)"

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Hm other sources are saying it's a complete protein, maybe they just mean it can be improved a fair bit with the addition of wheat.

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If it turns out that the real reason I love this is because I started taking vitamin D pills at around the same time as I started making it (usually eaten during the meal) that's going to be disappointing

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@cblgh spaghett cooked for 25 minutes at high pressure disgusting

I could add bulgar though, it handles it better

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