I'm sort of obsessed with non-destructive construction aesthetic. No nails, no glues, everything connected with bolts and clamps and joinery, no wire ever laid in a place you wont be able to reach later, nothing permanent, everything renegotiable.

Follow these principles and experimentation will have no material costs.

I don't know how practical it is, but I was raised on Lego and Data and an edict of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and so I do not know if I can live well any other way, I just need it

@faun you should meet Mikey and Rongamai (who is using a robot arm to make Gridbeam at Hackland, Auckland) if you don't know them already.

@faun is it 3d or a photo? How big is that chair? Love the idea!

@nuagezero It's a photo of Gridbeam!

It is my opinion that every family should have a big pile of gridbeam, but it is not produced in enough places just now.

@faun @nuagezero
there's also the openstructures grid system, which i find lovely and interesting. here's an example project:

@faun Didn't knew about gridbeam but I've been using that type of construction since starting to make my own furniture, now years later I'm still reusing the materials of the first things I built :)

@faun I'll try to find some of my modular shelving and a bike rack I've built in the past later, otherwise I can draw plans and share them :3

@ritualdust @faun I'd also love to see any details about what you've made & your process.

@faun reminds me of architecture school projects. Really cool. Love to see more in the vain. Are you collecting images / links somewhere?

@travisshears Darn, maybe I should.

(If I do, it should probably draw somewhat on
Although I doubt many of these are intended to be reversible, they do scratch the aesthetic itch)

@faun Love this - I know what I'm looking into for my first unfurnished place!

@faun Yeah, this is a great idea I'm surprised I don't see mor often.
This video interview with authors that made me fall in love with it:

@faun There is also a scaled-down version of GridBeam, called BitBeam, which author claims is also lego-compatible (with "technics" series)

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