Should I make a subreddit for merveilles-adjacent people to curate aliexpress (and amazon?)

We generally have better taste (both for usability and aesthetic) than its recommender algorithm, so I think it would be useful

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It feels kinda dirty though cause these marketplaces are not transparent at all, 2/3 aliexpress sellers will lie about at least one feature of the product, and there will be no environmental or labor condition audits to be seen anywhere.

But for a lot of stuff I don't think there's really an alternative. A lot of the physical stores you'll go to buy their stuff from aliexpress and so are just as bad and even less transparent and are also ripping you off.

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@faun I have this idea, but I'm on mobile so i'll reply again later

@xj9 Funding models I keep thinking about

- Be a peace-promoting-discourse beneficial-trade-increasing nonprofit, ask governments for funding

- Fee of like 7$ a month or something (for areas without government funding), but give each user the ability to "sponsor" 2 invitees for however long they like so that they can show it to friends. The person implicitly pressuring you to start funding the service will not be the service but your friend who understands why we must.

@xj9 Oh! If the pitch to governments was "You only pay per user so if it doesn't take off and get used, you have nothing to worry about" that would be way less politically difficult (no idea how absolutely politically difficult it is in full though)

@xj9 I guess if you wanted to generalize the ethical consumption principle, we could call it a community for the development of sustainable, moral cultures that grow.

I'd be very careful about who you give voice in architecting a project like that, though. Most people who have an impulse to impose moral social pressure on others don't give a shit whether it's going to be sustainable, or whether it's going to grow, whether it's going to succeed. They really just want an excuse to punch someone.

@faun yeah its a challenge to balance these things. i'm glad there's room in this thread to explore the issue.

perhaps its best to start small with a forum for sharing quality/ethical goods? no business, just a community of folks helping each other save money in the long-term by getting good repairable stuff?

turns out @sir was right wrt ethics and "industry standard marketing practices", but the thing that changed my mind wasn't being told that i was wrong and lacking in moral fiber. that approach honestly never works, but he's welcome to keep that approach if he likes it or whatever.

hyperlocal was an interesting though experiment anyway. maybe it can take a different direction that doesn't involve profit motive if any friends (like @faun for example) want to collab.

@xj9 @sir I feel like sir uses mastodon in a way that's more self-indulgent stress relief than communication and it's not healthy for anyone involved.

@xj9 @sir to clarify: building healthy online spaces is an unsolved problem in computer science so I'm not really blaming anyone, the present state of my timeline is nobody's fault but the system's.

@xj9 When I try to imagine a pro-social marketing company I imagine something that is either extremely selective about what clients it accepts, or sabotages half of the jobs it does. Idk. Like I'd love to be able to be that selective/militant but it will take media talents I have not yet grasped.

@xj9 Probably a good idea. Lemmy seems to have the advantage of not freezing threads after 6 months (goddamned awful thing to do), which would allow us to collect reviews for things that are supposed to last a long time, which the original platform tends not to have.

@xj9 Aliexpress is full of reviews where a russian person says "five stars, looks good, haven't used it yet"

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