Wondering whether I really like amaranth chickpeas, or whether my body has become confused and thinks it's extraordinarily high in vitamin D because I started taking supplements with it at around the same time I started making it

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@rek I heard that the real needed intake is a lot higher than most people think, so I don't trust when people say "just go outside for fourty minutes a day and that will be enough".

I seem to feel a lot better nowadays. That plus constant craving for outdoor-grown mushroom. I'm inclined to trust the feeling.

@faun Where did you read 40 min?
Depends on your skin tone and age, but the sources I've read list 600 IU (250 mcg) daily for ppl 9-70 yrs old.

@rek Nowhere in particular, suggestions. Apparently I'm taking 1000 IU. Some tested groups benefit from going up to 3000 IU.

Personally, I doubt I would benefit from digging into the why instead of just following the feeling and experimenting a bit more.

@faun @rek I’ve been using this app where you enter skin tone, latitude then start/stop sessions where it estimates blood d levels. Can also enter foods/supplements. Started as a research project but now grown it seems.

@faun Oh ya i was curious, because of where you live, and that it isn't a bad place to get it solely from sun exposure. Tho i know, sun exposure has its own risks.

@rek @faun assuming its between noon-3pm (for more northerly latitudes) and max of 30m. It is typically safe. If you burn or get very very pink in those 30m cut it to 20m, burning the signal you've gone too far.

When I miss out on the midday sun a couple days in a row I can feel it with lethargy and general dour outlook.

@peregrine @faun New Zealand sun is very strong in high summer. I'd burn really quickly, never experienced that before.

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