Mark Lynas "thinks that once you believe in a climate emergency, you have to rethink your opposition to nuclear energy."

"You end up with nowhere else to go"

"I know people in Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and all of these mainstream groups who know perfectly well that you’ve got to have nuclear as a major part of the mix to solve climate change, but they would be sacked if they said so"


Part of the reason we are going to need nuclear it is that we also are definitely going to need to do a lot of energy-intensive direct air capture (DAC) and storage. A good article about that is

Unlike solar radiation management, decarbonisation can't just be done by an enlightened few. It will need to be a global shift. You and I have a lot of evangelism to do.

I am going to start by reading Nuclear 2.0 and learning about the new reactors. They sound neat.

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