Alright! I'm posting it! Here!

A design for a better kind of social tool for information discovery and discussion!

I'm fairly sure we should make it!

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@faun I keep myself fairly busy (I'm building my own browser engines in my free time), but I'd love to see this get made! It's these sort of ideas which got me started.

How can I help?

@alcinnz Oh interesting, so far I've been building a mockup in Flutter, but I've been thinking about A New Web (Vok) for a long time and I always would have kinda preferred to have made it in that, though I'm increasingly less sure that it would need Vok.

I'll keep you in the loop

@faun Thanks!

I'm keen to integrate such ideas into my smart TV browser, so people feel less need to turn to a silo like Netflix for recommendations...

Other projects could use it, but of mine that seems like it needs it the most!

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