Window manager has been installed. We're rolling bspwm.

We also have Google Chrome installed now, so this toot is coming to your from within NixOS.

@maxdeviant If you can get Steam working I might just follow you over

@faun I keep a Windows partition for gaming, but I can see about trying out Steam to see how it fares.

@faun Sorry to necro this thread, but I finally got around to installing Steam on NixOS. Haven't tried any games yet, but Steam itself works fine.

This is all I had to do to get it working:

And it looks like some work has been done to make it even simpler: (I didn't see this until after I had installed it).

Now I'll just have to try out some games and see how that goes 😄


@maxdeviant I was thinking about Nix a lot yesterday as I faced the grim reality that snapd might never run properly on my debian box. Something has to change.

I can find little evidence that snapd works on nix, though. The project wants to support snap, but still apparently doesn't.

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