Aubrey Tang's Taiwan is so competent that they should be allowed to expand into neighboring states. I am furious that this is not how the world works.

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Just heard that Taiwan gives everyone two legal name changes for free 💢 Taiwan, please administer my country

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@faun this is an aside: but hooooly shit center for humane tech has a lot of funders?? wtf do they actually even *do*

@cblgh there's a tab on the main bar called "what we do"..

But also the answer includes zero production of human tech, which... maybe I'm being naive or maybe I have design insights they couldn't, but could we not simply make the humane tech. I don't see a lot of people trying to do it who have decent funding.

@cblgh The only site I'd consider actually healthy to use habitually is lesswrong/forum.effectivealtruism forums. Which is funded by MIRI I think. I really like what they're doing. They only send through upvote notifications once per day. There's a twitterlike part, but the main part is a real forum. Bookmarking is sophisticated. Tagging was recently introduced along with a coordinated community effort to tag every single post. They actually did it. The tags are all populated.

@faun i did click and scan that tab before writing my reply. having seen the social dilemma and tristan harris’s ignorance ”lol bicycles caused no societal stir!!!” demolishes any credibility of the organisation lead by that president. they’re just another glorified money trap & lobbying org, and i agree with you that they should pass on their funds to concrete efforts

@cblgh It isn't obvious to me that lobbying isn't the best thing they could be doing though. I just don't know much about that world.

But yeah they should be passing on at least some of their budget to productions.

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