Very special spiced oil (ingredients: refined avocado oil, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, anise, sichuan peppercorns, onion, salt, flavor enhancer 621)
The stuff I prepare for myself usually has chili in it, so this will probably be a gift. I will miss it. It's kind of amazing. I don't know why it turned out black.

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It's not MSG it's "Ajinomoto", it's "fermentation extract"

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Hmm this probably turned out dark because there was something wrong with the oil. Turns out it tastes (on its own) like rancid soybean oil. Drastically different from the previous bottle.

Apparently most avocado oil on the market in US actually is adulterated or off.

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@faun Ah, so strange! Maybe it reacted so something you've added?
Do you make this exact mix often?

@rek Once before and this didn't happen. The cinnamon wasn't present. It's probably that. There were quite a lot of scrolls.

@faun Yea. I read that and was wondering if maybe it could this... but i figured you'd know best, from tasting it. Crazy that companies are allowed to cut it with cheap oils, could hurt ppl with allergies if it was, say, cut with peanut oil or something :/

@rek I hadn't tasted it before doing the infusion, was the thing.
I ended up giving it to someone who is very dear to me.. so I'm going to look into the health consequences of eating rancid oils (assuming there really are any) and explain why she should be less eager to do that (somehow, the topic of eating rancid oils has come up before (some weird tasting fries we had) she will totally eat all of it if I can't convince her with more clarity than just saying "I heard it's bad idk")

@faun might just taste terrible, but it sucks to consume something that is thought to have health benefits, only to find out it doesn't, because said thing isn't pure.

@faun same for olive oil, apparently (or at least it was back in 2016):

What really surprised me about that is that the average american *prefers* rancid olive oil over fresh extra virgin

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