A recent presentation on the big features of the upcoming post-textual programming language Dion

- no tabs, no spaces, indents fully variable as a client setting (not present in the code)
- braces optional, code just is a tree
- edit the name at the definition and the names at the sites of use update too
- code zooming as an alternative to code folding, moving between levels of detail
- editor pretty, animations c:
- can edit the code in code search query views

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I was worried at first that this was all just going to be a bit superficial, but it feels like the benefits are adding up to something really solid. I believe in them and I'm going to give them my Quiet Code concept (Quiet Code is generated code that's folded away, which lets the language do implicit intelligent magical things in such a way that you can also see it and edit it when you need to. You can't really do this in plain text, and it would actually improve the way languages are designed.)

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@faun everything about syntax highlight, indentation, styling YES! What a clusterfuck.

@neauoire @faun I talk to the guys working on this sometimes :)

@cancel @neauoire interesting to see that Jon Blow's friend (and colleague?), Casey Muratori contributed to it. Do you know Casey perhaps

@faun @neauoire Not in person, but I talk with him on Discord pretty frequently

@cancel @neauoire somewhat relatedly, someone put me in a thekla-adjacent puzzle game designer discord recently. I guess it was helpful as a source of energy, to be surrounded by people who also care about this stuff.
(But I think it's really really hard to get anyone to understand and care about crycog enough that they'll end up actually contributing to it.. idk.. I feel like I have enough fire to go the rest of my way alone now.)

@neauoire @cancel It's a game about drawing glyphs that cause trees of mysterious symbols to verify. You figure out the meaning of the symbols through experimentation.

I think it might be good. Some playtesters have gotten really obsessed with it. It's making me go insane to think that since Rian Johnson is totally obsessed with The Witness (crycog's main inspiration) he might will also be one of the people who gets obsessed with crycog. He might read the weird stories im putting in o__o;;;

@neauoire @cancel Yeah, I haven't really publicized anything yet.
If you have an android device I could send you the current build.
It can run on linux but it isn't very pleasant to draw glyphs with a mouse.

@faun yes :D If it's not too big, my internet connection is crappy.

@neauoire Due to the fact that I'm insane and made my own engine, it's like 8 MB.

@faun I really want to save and watch this but I've closed my intake for now!!

@faun finally got around to watching this. super inspiring work! it's so cool to see how they decided to primarily reinvent one specific thing (source code file format) and it opens up all these amazing new possibilities

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