If you want me to be less ambiguous, generally, no, I can't. As a workaround, please just never look at me.

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@neauoire I can maybe introspect on the "never cave" feeling I get whenever I feel like it would maybe help to add a disclaimer of affiliation to something and then refuse to do it, but I have go to the shops now

@faun it comes down to if you want to meet people halfway or not. When someone is speaking solely with passwords, the mysteriousness can be endearing if it's dosed properly.

@neauoire The real problems start when a person thinks they've understood, but they haven't. They often wont give us any chance to fix their error.

I notice a type of person who generally can't digest ambiguity at all. Given a question, they assume an answer. They're not safe to be around for anyone. They will always be trying to judge you, dismiss you, put you in a small box, make you as simple and predictable as possible. The best thing to do is to tell them to steer clear.

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