Idea: Screen burn correction app that figures out how to exactly negate your screen's issues by pretty much looking at itself in a mirror through the selfie cam, trying to display pure white, remembering the imperfections it sees, then tinting everything with the negation of that from then on.

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Nobody seems to have made this yet. I think there's a thing for tinting your screen in general, but it doesn't know the specific quirks of your screenburn. Most of the apps out for this already recommend that you just burn every color over the entire screen that isn't damaged yet, so that they all get to be equally damaged, which seems pretty bad.

Also: Note how the app is technically self-aware. That means that if you don't make it now you're a murderer (also people would probably pay for this)

@faun I did this by hand once (take photo, load into photoshop, invert, move into position and transform until artifact is minimized) when I had a broken monitor--I can vouch for the basic idea

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