Doing my yearly december donation research. Does anyone know any funds that aggregate over digital democracy causes?

Things like the EFF, for instance. But also open source secure communication projects like Element or open hardware projects.


Society grows great when there are people employed full time to keep on top of things and route funding to the most important projects that we wouldn't even know about.

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@faun If we're taking financial hegemony as a given, then I'd just say that these efforts provisionally patch up the holes that the governing paradigm regularly tears in the fabric of society.

@gpsych It's conceivable that the natural culmination of Effective Altruism as an intellectual project will be socialist political activism, but I haven't been convinced of this yet; it seems that there are too many object-level fires burning that must be put out right away, that are generally ignored by government, or will eventually supercede it

@gpsych In this case, for instance, you can't win an election and fix tech if you neglected to feed the non-profit development projects that oppose the bad tech that currently determines elections.

@faun very true and I in no way endorse the dismantling of ethical donor coalitions' beneficiaries. We're better for having EFF and while capital's conquest continues unabated.

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