Conference in formal verification (methods perfectly secure software), sounds really awesome, people from the FHI and Deepmind. I was invited but I'm probably not worthy of it (I work mainly in games, my software doesn't need to be secure at all right now), so, passing it along.

Didn't we know some people who worked in digital democracy? They might want to get in on this. If you can't really trust your systems, there are many civic processes you wont be able to implement

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@faun It does say it's for the "informal engineer". If you ever had to implement some complex algorithm and you wanna make sure you did so without introducing bugs, formal tools could help with that. Invariant checking is not just about security.

@faun 🤷
This might be relevant

The article is a few years old so tools probably have improved since then. If you're interested but just intimidated, I think a conference like this would be a good place to start.

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