Wait, Urbit supports non-scarce identities? ("comets") Presumably the trust system for that isn't fully implemented yet, but if it's there at all, I'm not sure we get to complain about any artificial namespace scarcity, the technical foundation for escaping that scarcity once it starts getting oppressive appears to have already been laid?

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@faun can you describe more about how non-scarcity feeds into oppressive dynamics? i never made the connection. always thought you can remove bad actors from your 'planet'. but also that the urbit team isn't really thinking about codes of conduct at any level in the system.

@rosano ? I'm saying non-scarcity overturns oppressive dynamics.

Urbit's constructed namespace scarcity isn't oppressive right now, as the names still only cost about 5$. It seemed set up to become oppressive a few hundred years down the track (if it succeeded and stayed in operation for that long), 32 bits is so obviously not enough for the long term, one had to imagine the limited namespace was designed with intent.

@rosano But it turns out that once the names run out, we can just start generating names and using webs of trust to establish trust, and urbit will support that. If it had ever been a NRX plot to establish a new land aristocracy, it seems like internal politics has already undone it and we needn't worry.

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