A portable games console with a fun to use game editor/IDE and nothing else. Can only play games that were made by the device owner, or a nearby device owner they're hanging out with. Give these to all of the children and simply don't ever tell them about the big bad world outside.

Update: Nintendo are doing it (probably not the restriction parts, maybe one day) nintendo.com/games/detail/game


Oh!! :O "It looks like there's not going to be a good online sharing component in the game, it looks like you have to exchange friend codes"

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@faun Nintendo and online services... Always ready to deliver stellarly on the premises, but also kinda disappoint on the basics :'D

I love that you can see how the UI is an evolution of Nintendo Labo and Mario Maker. I remember that when Labo was released, I called exactly this: that they were making a games-making toolkit of sorts.

Looking forward to what people will make with this!

@raelzero Famed youtube Nintendo fan and puppet, Arlo, noted that he failed to call it and is ashamed.

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