It would be nice to have a system that's just roam + Web of Trust moderation of notifications, edits and backlinks.

Maybe I should start there. Tasteweb ( ) would be great for Content Discovery, but we engage in content discovery for usually very unhealthy reasons. It's a very transient and noisy way of interacting with the internet. It's probably just fundamentally not what we should be doing.

@faun Too heavy on the discovery, too light on the content. It becomes hard to settle and absorb properly.


@bee Absolutely. I shouldn't want anything new at this point. I am 31 and I have had Pearl's Causality for like 4 years. I know what I'm supposed to be reading. Why am I not reading Causality.

And then the internet just goes and owns the shit out of that perspective when my fav AI Alignment org develops a successor to Pearlean causal networks. There was *news* in foundational epistemology. Ugh. What if the news is just genuinely so good. What if I don't ever get to stop listening for news.

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