Derek Yu's new Steam Curation feels kind of like having tigsource back, lol. I love it. But it isn't tigsource. He seems to be consistently into a specific kind of action game

I second the Kero Blaster recommendation at least


Wow caveblazers is nice. Not just nice for one dollar, seems substantial.

gahh actually not enjoying this. I'm spending most of my time fetching and looking at loot, and other kinds of things that aren't very interesting to someone who is not for some other reason already deeply invested in winning the game.

The sword controls seems to be a close copy of link from smash, which is really neat, but I've already played smash to death, so, uh, not sure that's contributing to the fun for me.

@faun there's too much loot and not enough variance imo
youre forced to grind instead of just get better at the game despite the fact that the mechanics could be the focus (which they unfortunately not)

i still enjoyed it though

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