From the Gemini FAQ

"There are benefits to the style as well. It encourages including only the most important or relevant links"

I really hope none of you bought into this way of thinking. A link that's unimportant to most of your readers, for a learner, can be a doorway into a new world. An abundance of links makes texts more accessible to newcomers and helps to index the web. Anything that discourages linking decreases the health of the network. You should NEVER be stingy with links.

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So, if I think links are so great, why didn't I link the thing that I was talking about?

1. Gemini does not support section links, so I can't really do that well

2.'s character limit is hostile to sprinkling links around as well. I have never advocated for a character limit and yes it *is* also a garbage backwards limitation.

3. there, I did

@faun are you able to describe gemini in a phrase? i've been to the faq a few times and try to read it but it doesn't click for me, i don't understand what the difference is or the objective. it's like the web with only html/css? designed for low power?

@rosano @faun It's not designed for low-power, but it's designed so that every site will at least display correctly on a text-only browser.

Gemini is a markdown protocol without support for images, or music or video. It's very much geared toward writers.

@neauoire @rosano @faun You also barely have to do any parsing. Gemini documents can be navigated line by line as plain text. That's why there are no inline links.

@csepp @neauoire @rosano Yeah it's not optimized for writers, this is not writer-friendly, it's optimized for implementors.

@neauoire @faun @csepp ok the 'writers' thing makes total sense, i feel that way too about hyperdraft at the moment, just text…

found the markup language called 'gemtext'

so you write text in the markup and then some 3rd party tool or gemini itself will render html, and then it's hosted on a normal server? what's the idea of 'gemini://'?

@rosano @faun @csepp the browser converts gemtext markdown source to human-readable text. The protocol is gemini, it's similar to Gopher if you're familiar with it.

@neauoire @rosano @faun there are some superficial similarities to markdown, but gemini doesn’t support most of even basic markdown, let alone any extensions. no inline links or pictures for example.

@neauoire @rosano @faun someone once described it as not web—, but gopher++, which lines up. it seems more about tech nostalgia than about solving any practical problem

@zens @neauoire @rosano Which is baffling. Markdown's good and parsers are widely available.

Although sadly if I had been doing this, I would have had to use/make a non-standard version of markdown, in the least, would have gotten rid of the tight and loose lists stuff

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