From the Gemini FAQ

"There are benefits to the style as well. It encourages including only the most important or relevant links"

I really hope none of you bought into this way of thinking. A link that's unimportant to most of your readers, for a learner, can be a doorway into a new world. An abundance of links makes texts more accessible to newcomers and helps to index the web. Anything that discourages linking decreases the health of the network. You should NEVER be stingy with links.


So, if I think links are so great, why didn't I link the thing that I was talking about?

1. Gemini does not support section links, so I can't really do that well

2.'s character limit is hostile to sprinkling links around as well. I have never advocated for a character limit and yes it *is* also a garbage backwards limitation.

3. there, I did

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