"The encyclosphere will be the universal network of encyclopedias—an ownerless, leaderless, centerless knowledge commons. Like the blogosphere, it will be a decentralized series of “feeds,” but feeds of encyclopedias and individual articles posted anywhere online."

Larry Sanger, the Wikipedia co-founder and helper and advisor to many other educational and reference websites is president.

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I would ask them for funding to build a fast web of trust query server if I has any idea what I would do with funding

You can tell that the project is still active because it says "Yes, it’s active. There’s stuff going on behind the scenes." in the faq. Seriously though it probably is, it was only launched in 2019.

Looking at one of their projects... appears to be microblogging but RSS and with no follows or retweets. Very little technical merit, considering that apparently mastodon already supports RSS

What a strange thing to fund. And Larry mostly only uses it for tweeting conservative culture war takes. And its reply view is.. actually kind of worse than mastodon's (only shows one level at a time. I guess it's debatable.)

That probably didn't take all that many resources to make though.

The other listed projects are search engines for various encyclopedias (stuff like Britannica, stanford philosophy, "citizendium" (which seems like a smaller chiller less persnickety wikipedia, cosy)) and seem nice enough.

@faun Oh wow, that's very interesting. Will keep an eye out on this.

@faun get in touch .. over SLACK?! well.. that's off to a less decentralized start than I hoped.

@neauoire A while back I asked some people who were interested in tasteweb to try cabal, and none of them did, and like, it became difficult to believe that any of them were really interested in building an experimental decentralized social tool when they wouldn't even download one.

I don't really care much, I'm fine with using slack, but yeah it was kind of concerning hehe.

A lot of decentralization-first folks are only using twitter, their blogs don't have RSS and they don't use email, only instagram. It's also not making me super hopeful.

@faun Larry just wanted to be a Content Creator all along.

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