Hey @cancel, do you ever think about using your familiarity with Qt to make a Paradise MUD client (with a chat room in every vessel), or a browser for one of those minimal web protocols like Gemini (or a better one that you designed).

I've been thinking about doing something like that with Flutter, but 1) Flutter isn't quite baked yet 2) Flutter apps often runs worse than web pages on my desktop 🤢 maybe that will improve but right now the only nice new apps I'm seeing are Qt

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@faun I don't really like Gemini enough to want to make a client for it.

Is paradise still being used?

@cancel I don't really like gemini either. I definitely wouldn't make a client for that one.

Paradise just kept breaking down, I think @neauoire couldn't make a secure backend. I'd be willing to do that part if there were going to be a client.
If it had a local chat feature I'd expect that it may well win a permanent userbase. I believe previous instances of paradise only had a global chat, but there were a few people who lived in it for a bit.

I dunno though. Usually when I think about this it just leads back to the position "Make a robust chat/forum with web of trust moderation first, then make paradise as a viewer for a place within that, or as a skin", so maybe I should just keep working on web of trust moderation. (this page loosely tracks how that's going, btw: )

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