Graph DB is mostly written. Most of the concurrency work will end up being done by the "left-right" crate, which does the thing I was going to do where there's a read copy and a write copy and every now and then it swaps them, only it turns out I didn't really know how to make that lock-free, but I do now. This is going to be *the fastest* (eventually consistent, for work with a high read:write ratio, single-machine) graphdb


Now trying to generate realistic models of endorsement networks for performance testing. Surprisingly deep work. The agent models should be simple because the finished system's UX should be simple. I have no excuses now, it is time to face all of the fundamental questions about I expect this to grow. What sorts of people issue invites, how people discovery other people, what incentives a popular curator has to endorse another, how networks improve over time or birth themselves from nothing.

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