oof, just had my first batch of kimchi go bad. I was hoping it would mature in the fridge but it never did. Fart smell never stopped. I think I went too low on the salt. Seems that we can't ever rely on the gochujang alone, even given a starter culture of juice from a previous batch.

Fortunately the other batch I had going (more of a sourkraut, for the spice-intolerant in the house) was good, the line continues.

I haven't named it yet.

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Other findings: Vegetables + salt produce like an inch of extra fluid from their own juices, so I don't understand why they say to add water to cover it, I don't think you need to.

Also, don't buy special one-way valves. Just get jars with rubber seals, they're not going to explode or inhale overnight or anything.

@faun defs don't need to add water :) i never do when making kimchi

@faun awh that;s too bad. I never put gochujang in Kimchi before, you'd think that this would accelarate the fermantation if anything.

The fridge should stop the fermentation tho, we never put kimchi in the fridge.

@neauoire Do you know whether Gochujang is supposed to be for kimchi or not. If not I wonder what it is for. It works quite well, either way.

Most sources say the fermentation continues in the fridge but slower. I have experienced that.

Well then, I guess I will try not fridging it, letting it go further, seeing if I like it better.

@faun gochujang is great with rice cakes, I wouldn't put it in kimchi. Chili powder is enough.

@neauoire True, it is enough. There's a korean chili I want to get, but even super basic chili powder worked.

@faun @neauoire Gochujang's main ingredient is the Korean chili powder you're looking for (gochugaru), but probably too overpowering a taste for adding to kimchi, agreed. The jang is used as the base for most Korean sauces, but since it packs such a punch you only need like a spoonful :]
Rice cakes 💜

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