new pebbles. Carefully selected for a balance of smoothness, density, and hardness. I'm sure they will be able to do the job.

application of pebble spoilers 

@rek it is recommended to use pebbles in fermentation pickles to keep stuff from floating up to the surface of the water. Also recommended is keeping a lettuce leaf whole so that you can tuck it over everything, but I usually forget

@faun have you confirmed they do not contain lead? rocks from the wild can, sadly

@faun ya i dunno either, learned it when looking up the feasibility of buying some cheaper rock to use as a baking stone.

for your usecase, you could wrap them in plastic or similarly water resistent material?

@faun or go all geology nerd and learn what type of rock you have found & what its commonly composed of :>

and then probably still wrap it

@cblgh geology is one of the few things I would prefer to avoid developing an interest in. It is not on the list. I have enough other open cases already. Grrgh.

@cblgh I wonder if the maori have an approach for this. Rocks are often used in hangi, and you have to be quite selective, if you use the wrong rocks in a hangi they explode.

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