@argr make a prediction, what would the average human end up looking like after 150 years of synthetic brains (and thus fully immersive virtual environments/bodies)

I'm assuming that people would end up more or less naked, furred, and there would be some straying from even averaged attractive human faces, but natural expressions would have to be preserved.

I wonder whether the norm for legs will move. Remove energy constraints, remove long distance walks, do humans still prefer human legs.

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@argr I realize that it's unlikely that people would stay in fixed forms, new, physically unimplementable expressions would come into being.

But I am asking specifically about the physical body schema (for taking actions in physical reality) preferred by a type of career ethicist. It might be quite normal.

@zens @argr They're mostly virtual, but Nai often has to pilot a physical one to do things irl. This world has completely acclimated to augmented reality, though, so most of that body is just a projection, the same as Nai would use in their usual virtual environment.

I thought a bit about whether fully physical bodies would be maintained for raising children, as it's unlikely that this world would be able to simulate brain development so children would live in the physical world...

@zens @argr but I think the sad reality is that virtual lifers wouldn't have children. They would have clones. Children would come mainly from traditionalists.

@faun @argr perhaps new kinds of children would be possible- like a reboot clone capable of seeing the world through a child’s eyes- but with an inheritence of “past life” memories slowly integrated in at various milestones of development.

as for bodies; i think these would largely end up driven by evolving trends of beautiy and sexuality- if they’re virtual, you wouldn’t be constrained to having one body for both work and personal life

@zens @argr I do think humanity will one day bear children that don't even approximate a biological brain, and they will be better than us.

... but it's difficult for me to be happy for them, in the frame of this story, where there is no prepotent superintelligence to watch over us... Even a small amount of post-organic free evolution would immediately give rise to powerseeking monsters. In our story, that crisis has already come about, I don't know how humanity clawed their way back from it.

@cblgh Nai Chell Glass Stratton is a Consenter, a special kind of ethicist qualified to consent to undergo experiments that the layperson wouldn't be able to reckon deeply enough to say that they truly understand what they're agreeing to.

Consenters are indispensable in artificial brain R&D. Without them, developing new artificial brains would be more or less illegal.

@faun i'm guessing this is some kind of faun canon that i have missed out on, is that correct?


I'm thinking of doing some illustrations for it but I'm not 100% sure I'll get there.

@faun I'm extremely skeptical of any sort of "things will stay normal after a series of black-swan events" presumption, but I'm also extremely skeptical of applying any sort of unilateral specificity to my presumptions of what people might be like (even though I believe that acausal moral attractors are literally the scaffolding of most every sufficiently-advanced civilization).

So I would say... I still think the distant future's embodiments and environments will probably resemble circa-2005-era Puzzlebox MUCK IRL.

Yes, even for philosophers. I guess my boldest presumption is "philosophers will eventually learn how to cut loose and TF around a bit"

@faun Yes, even with fully artificial minds and fully immersive simulist environments available. If anything this would probably make people more hyper-aware of the existence of their physical form. To compare it to trans and otherkin longings - just because you have a method of escape doesn't make the knowledge of underlying dysphoric elements go away.

@faun Also this doesn't even broach the possibility that the very existence of fully-immersive simulist environments could be a unilateral moral hazard in the context of resimulation-related consent-and-trust systems

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