@argr listening to neil stephenson interview. why does he sound like this. Why does he sound like my friend's hung over dad. Vaguely agitated by the whole of reality but he has been living in this state for so long that he has accepted that punting the dog is not an available action, though a part of him longs to.

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@faun what does [[punting the dog]] mean? If you want to share

@flancian The dog is barking annoyingly, the dog ought to know that it is wrong, you have an impetus to just subordinate the dog (refute it harshly and in front of an audience in such a way that would discourage it from continuing to lie), but you've learned that following that impulse straightforwardly never has good consequences for you or the world,

but nor did he ever rid himself of the impetus, and maybe sometimes the impetus was instrumental in illuminating legitimate opportunities to, -.

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