I'm still thinking about the "Everything is an Object and Every Object Can Have Other Objects as Replies" concept. I think it would be a good testing bed for letting users decide how they structure and organize everything. But I can't think of a UI for specifying those ways that's simple enough that I'd wanna make it a website yet.

It's another system that should end up in Tasteweb, and Roam is already trying to evolve into being like that. But if we can test it on a small scale that'd be cool.

The main issue is that, specific objects will need to be referenced in the Way specifications... so they need unambiguous names. It might be interesting to have a social network where every object/reply must have a unique name/title within its scope, then we could do a filesystem path thing.. but then you can't really make object creation in the root scope permissionless, namespace abuse... and then nothing's permissionless, there'd be a gate on absolutely everything, it'd be like urbit


So I think they're going to have to have UUIDs, which can't be typed or remembered :/ so there'd need to be a fairly complex search-autocompletion thing like with Roam's block references.

I can imagine how that would be, it would work fine, I just don't want to code that right now.

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