"The Simula One is a work-focused headset." THE DREAM. They're cramming a portable linux workstation into a VR headset.

Resolution of 36.2 pixels per degree (higher than any other portable headset available now). The practical maximum PPD is 60 though. (The maximum perceptible is about 120.)

100° FOV.

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To clarify, 60 PPD is the point where there's not really going to be something better 2 years later. The human eye can't really appreciate better.

No one is there yet, including simula. So I might wait for the simula 2.

:( price announced going to be around 2800 USD :( might still buy it :((

@faun I enjoy the retro styling. But I find it depressing that 'working in VR' is still almost exclusively flat windows floating in space. I guess it's probably going to the most practical way to edit text, but it just seems significantly 'worse' than the normal external flatscreen setup I'm using right now to write this toot

@faun it's probably too risky for a commercial product, but I really want to see new interaction paradigms explored with these devices. I want to program with floating tubes and wires, see visualised parameters flying between subroutines in a meaningfully spatial representation of a system

@voxel It's conceivable that the flow based paradigm will work better in VR, because you can use both hands to grab handfuls of things and shift them around, but right now nobody really ever seems to be more satisfied in flow based coding than with text.

I'm not sure there's going to be a lot beyond text. Sapiens is all about language. Text, somehow, is a faster, denser communication medium than aural speech.

@voxel Somewhat depressing to realize there might not even be immersive virtual workplace environments because when you're working you want to be able to see your keyboard and the easiest way to do that is to just turn on the camera passthrough, so that's probably all we'll get for years

@voxel what's worse about it. It's like having 10 screens, all portable (plus somewhat limited peripheral vision and mild neck pain).

@faun Waiting for the one that has body language and pheromone simulators to really get the awkward mandatory fun standup experience

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