I've written up the "everything is just a tree of objects" forum/wiki/chat system concept:

So, tell me what you think. Shall we make this?

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I decided to look in on Athens properly. I'm not currently able to say that we have an excuse to be a separate project from them. This is basically the neschat concept:

They're already making the underpinnings. I can't see any substantial incompatibilities with the note-taking functionality and neschat's forum/chat/wiki feature cluster.

@faun have you gotten in touch with them about getting hired? seems like you would have a very welcome place at one of the bigger wiki suppliers, imo (whether roam or athens, or even obsidian—however larger or small each of these are)

@cblgh Not yet. One of Roam's early investors is a friend so I'll contact them eventually once I can promise anything wrt making large wots feasible. Otherwise I'm not *completely* sure I could really help. Taking a salary, failing to come up with anything, and then seeing them go defunct, would make me hate myself a lot, I want to avoid that possibility of having that experience.

Also have to figure out which project is more worthy. Roam's first engineer has defected to Athens.

@cblgh (Ahah ❤️🗡️ but what about the possibility that they go defunct because I *didn't* apply. A consequentialist is responsible even when they choose the null action)

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