why is their printer THIS off lol, the distinction between field and forest barely comes across

("them" being sry, which I still recommend for prototype runs)

@faun that's your test print? The contrast is very slow compared to the mockups.

@neauoire yes. IIRC they don't even offer any sort of premium print option (only premium material options) so I don't know if they're even trying to get business doing production runs

1. they can't know what the colour settings your display screen are.
2. cmyk doesn't cover the full gamut of what RGB is capable of and vice versa
3. light sources can have a profound effect on colour appearance
4. paper stock makes a huge difference too.
5. the only way to know what you're going to get is by asking them to print a swatch book and using colours from that.

source: printing tech is my one higher education qualification.

@faun you could drive yourself crazy trying to get an RGB screen to accurately display what you're going to get from a print with arbitrary inks on arbitrary paper under an arbitrary light source. Swatches are the way.

@zens omg I just realized the reason I find this counfounding is like, isomorphic to the reason I found this ( issue with gnome's default tablet behavior confounding.

I'd intuitively expect them to cut off/letterbox the colors that they can't render, but instead they *deform* the color space mapping so that the input fits onto the output, which makes everything fucking impossible (but they have a much better excuse for doing that than gnome did)

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