Gnome desktop does something absolutely horrible with tablets right now, the default aspect ratio isn't 1:1. It defaults to compressing the X or Y axis to fit the screen. This meant that for the first couple of months of having a tablet, I couldn't draw a circle, I didn't know why, I thought the problem was me.

It turns out it was because the desktop environment was deforming the coordinate system.

I can't imagine how bad this would be for someone learning to draw.


No artist would ever knowingly use the deformed coordinate system, but I'm concerned that a lot of artists might be suffering it unknowingly right now.

They don't seem to believe me. It's been like this for so long that I think they need to hear a second opinion. @rek, @ritualdust your voices would be appreciated here:

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@migratory I hear "yeah gnome is bad" a lot but are you sure they aren't just trying to do a lot on an inadequate budget.

It's difficult for me to imagine how someone could not understand the problem but presumably neither of those dudes have any drawing experience whatsoever so 🤷. Maybe it's not obvious to them.

@faun I actively attempt to collaborate with GNOME fairly often, and the pigheadedness has exceeded my sincerest efforts at goodwill... lots of GNOME software is well-built but there are some persistent, user-hostile memes deeply rooted among the core developers imo

best of luck convincing them that your (and many others', I'm sure) use-case is valid

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