After three days of anguished wandering I've finally found a seemingly adequately robust mechanism for blocker delegation in communities moderated through webs of trust!

summary: Most inclusion endorsements are subject to arbitration groups. Arbitration groups receive abuse reports and can break those endorsements in case of an emergency (for instance, if an account is hacked and starts spamming)

Tasteweb's systems seem sound and complete at this point.

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@faun I see Roam is still a piece of shit website.

*allows JS*
*accepts some database access request*
*whitelists some more domains*
*accepts a second html5 db request*
*cpu fan starts*
*grey background*
*firefox offers to "stop" scripts slowing down the tab*
*grey page*

@neauoire Absolutely. They had a big performance improvement recently which *enabled it to be used at all again*.

I sort of don't expect the web UI to improve for a while, since they've started making a flutter version. If I were them I would... I would make a render-to-static-page-at-first feature and then just neglect it, because there are certain things I think it needs but they just can't really do on the web.

@neauoire That said, I brought this up with Murat Ayfer (author of Spiel, probably a different guy than Murat Pak but I can't completely tell), he insists that all of these problems could be solved if they hadn't married themselves to clojure stuff. Spiel is pretty well made, so I'm inclined to believe him.

@faun even if it looked but at least I could see the content from the page source or something, it'd have some use. This is all going to bit rot away into oblivion..

@neauoire Exporting the data is easy, so I'll port it to a different system once there's another online multiplayer wiki/notetaker as fun as roam. A couple are in the works.

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