Watched Stalker. Slept when the men slept. Woke at 2am and then watched the rest. Fully vibing.

Funny bug: Most residents have been generated with zero friendships. If I optimized placement in this situation, they'd end up segregated, which would further prevent them from gaining friendships.

When I initially suggested using a process like proq for room placement at the EA Retreat, meadows actually suggested that something like this would happen.

I guess having diminishing returns of utility on friend count would mostly fix this sort of issue when it happens irl though

Guh. I looked up "shibui" in kanji and I don't think this word means what cultives wish it meant any more. (something like "wabi sabi" but less performative and more practical).
My guess is that in japan it might have morphed from meaning a particular aesthetic quality to referring to a particular type of guy who talks about that quality.

A drawing for a post about cosmological reproduction that I will hopefully have ready on april first

I've been working on something I'd call a "glance font", a font where the shapes of words and letters are simpler and highly pronounced. Hoping that this could raise limits on reading speed.

In theory, this font could be read by somewhat shallower neural nets and further in the low-detail peripheries of the eye. Since some aspects of reading are serial (words read earlier speeding the interpretation of later words), this could result in a speedup?

Some glaive. The blade was initially blue and glowy, hence the reflections on the knob. Should have made those a masked layer.

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You vs the Dragoon that The Vizeer told you not to worry about

(DA thinks they might be directing a semi-realtime actionpuzzle type game and although I burned out on making that type of entertainment content, I will try to support them with a few drawings)

why is their printer THIS off lol, the distinction between field and forest barely comes across

"The Simula One is a work-focused headset." THE DREAM. They're cramming a portable linux workstation into a VR headset.

Resolution of 36.2 pixels per degree (higher than any other portable headset available now). The practical maximum PPD is 60 though. (The maximum perceptible is about 120.)

100° FOV.

New desktop to remind me every day what kind of world this is

I found the extremely red kimchi chili flakes. this is going to be a good one. Hopefully I remember to fridge it in the morning. It got too sour last time. Turns out that the closer you get to kimchi the more "too sour" is a quality that palps as incorrect.

An extremely rough outline/composition sketch of the first illustration of the mirror chamber that I wish I had time to draw, alas, I must write about Shainline's iteration of cosmological natural selection with intelligence today ( ) and I don't know when I'll be free again (might have identified an actual real life lovecraftian god)

considering a comic style where hints of color are used to help with distinguishing objects in a scene at a glance, blurry so that you don't have to reiterate the outlines with any precision, at about the same lightness value as the background so that the line/sketchwork doesn't get disrupted or overwhelmed.

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Okay. In the extremely unlikely case in which humans still have mostly unaugmented minds 100 years after developing better-than-natural virtual bodies, this is about where I'd expect the Normal Modern Body would settle.

Fur: Transcending clothes but also not being naked. Possibly a pet-semiotic hyperdomestication thing, but deniable.

Weird prehensile feet: It's the only way you'd get a second pair of hands with native nervous system support.

This black rice :o I put the water in, it's instantly like this, I can't see the rice under the water.

When cooking rice in a pressure cooker, you have to get the water ratio exactly right. This is going to make that a bit more challenging hehe

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