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In new zealand, we don't have snow on christmas, we have pohutokawa fluff

I'm looking for a new phone and it's not really going well.

This might have something to do with why the Fairphone 3 opted not to use OLED. If you want to make a phone that ages gracefully, LCD might be the only option

(micro LED is coming, but it's still years out)

Very special spiced oil (ingredients: refined avocado oil, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, anise, sichuan peppercorns, onion, salt, flavor enhancer 621)
The stuff I prepare for myself usually has chili in it, so this will probably be a gift. I will miss it. It's kind of amazing. I don't know why it turned out black.

I'm sort of obsessed with non-destructive construction aesthetic. No nails, no glues, everything connected with bolts and clamps and joinery, no wire ever laid in a place you wont be able to reach later, nothing permanent, everything renegotiable.

Follow these principles and experimentation will have no material costs.

I don't know how practical it is, but I was raised on Lego and Data and an edict of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and so I do not know if I can live well any other way, I just need it

How I might solve witching lands' unique statekeeping problem

the deck would often need to be kept divided in odd ways that would change frequently between sessions as a coven progressed through the game

If we had a big shared permissioned graph database, how powerful and concise could we make a language for specifying views or user interfaces over it?

I think this kind of system has the potential to be *really really good*, the web should have been like this, but the HTML + JS clownshow wont ever get there, it moves too slow. We could outrun it.

While scrounging for plain black sweatshirt recommendations (still looking), I decided to check in on our aesthetic cousins, lot2046, known for their standard issue minimal industrialgoth subscription service.

Found a lot of baffling shit that deserves a complete discussion rather than a side-eye from someone who doesn't know them very well, although one thing that I would like to report is that they are trying to make this trailer home thing and it cute.


Maybe I should make Witching Lands' cards bigger. They're adorable like this but inherently annoying to handle (shuffling in any usual way is basically impossible) and trying to fit unambiguous visual explanations of the spells onto them is causing me a lot of suffering.

Even the land cards may kind of need to be bigger to make it clear that everyone can crowd into the same tile at once (if they want to)

We've been growing this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetragon

A common creeping fuzz-leafed plant, Kōkihi is generally not eaten by any pest insects. It needs to be boiled to reduce its oxalate content.

It is native to japan and new zealand.

For a bit I was thinking of giving Crycog a text adventure component, but I decided that two layers of overworld was too many.
I can imagine going back to this, but feature creep is how I died last time so I'll avoid it for now.

This log is was inoculated with plugs of shiitake spores about 5 months ago, and the damp season has just begun cc::
I feel its spirits humming, preparing to emerge

Considering making a minimal wargame to explore the effects of information assymetries

Dark Sauce. A pasta sauce made with a bunch of spirulina. One of the best applications of spirulina that I've found so far.

Considering different ways of representing the riddle tree expressions..
I think the one on the right presents a balance of intuitiveness and aesthetic, but it's more complicated and I think sometimes it will jut out horizontally and mess up my layout and... how do I restructure if it juts out too far. I can just not write formulas that do. But I'd rather not have to think about it.

Tribe as heck

The Friend suffered a severe illness in 1776 and reported having died and been reanimated as a genderless evangelist named the Public Universal Friend, and afterwards shunned both birth name and gendered pronouns. In androgynous clothes, the Friend preached throughout the northeastern United States, attracting many followers who became the Society of Universal Friends.

Oh wow, yeah, okay I've actually thought mean things about the diversions of aging explorers because of this, and I now realise those diversions were just suffering the inevitable regression to the mean that any earnest continuation of exploration would

[fucked up puzzle designer laughter]

(don't worry the rest of this level is really smooth and nurturing)

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