@csepp @syntacticsugarglider yeah, this is how I get moving again when I burn down. Make something tiny to show the lizardbrain that it actually is possible to make things. That's where Mutation and Agency came from. And then crycog started.

@theneko Or maybe it wouldn't. How are they forged? It would be a totally different form of industry

@theneko I guess this is probably right for present media, but I wonder how people would recieve them if you made them realistically irregular looking. Something that large, every square meter designed to perform, it would probably look like a mess, like a stellarator, all greebles, no straight lines

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire @csepp I should probably mention that the immediate setting was inspired by Anathem, so if you want to examine it more academic monastary in post-industrial world it might be readable, but Anathem goes off in a different direction further on and left me pretty cold for some reason. The bankruptcy of the world outside the monastary maybe. The world hadn't actually improved, the worst parts had just weakened under their vices, people were still suffering in them.

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire @csepp @eris yes, merveilles. It seems to represent the aspiration of cutting away the sins of the western legacy starting over, compellingly, elegantly.

Hatred is a terrible thing though. I basically never let revulsion give way to hatred. Accept other peoples' existence and stuff.

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire @csepp @eris I wrote a depiction of the FHI's concept of an Era of Long Reflection once somnotica.com/issue-1/being-pa

It feels like an impossibly distant place. I accept its impossibility. In some ways I fear The Long Reflection. What if they would end up getting stuck. What if they get detached from reality and beurocratic and dead.

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire @csepp @eris "most of what i do is, i think, at its core rooted in my utter revulsion with the world and its people" That's why we're all here lolll

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire @csepp @eris I am starting to wonder if the main thing that Providence is trying to teach me is how to love a world that cannot love me back

@syntacticsugarglider @csepp @neauoire @eris What would it mean for it to not look like a AST? Trees are a very natural way to show information, even in mathematics (though mathematicians sometimes neglect to use them). Sometimes you want to do graphs as well, but often it makes sense to have trees inside of the graph nodes.

@syntacticsugarglider @csepp @neauoire @eris mm there was going to be a few things that happen in the editor/language server and not really in the compiler. The results of type inference would be inserted as generated "quiet code", it's there, you can see it and edit it when you want to, but you don't have to, because it's easy to guess what it probably is.

Enables smarter implicit behavior by sort of also making it all explicit.

@csepp @neauoire @eris @syntacticsugarglider Talking about this has put me in a mood to return to hacking on my cruddy immediate mode ast-visualizing code editor and that language that does type templating by having implicit parameters (that are types) that it trues to satisfy based on the values of other inputs

I really want to be able to edit code by... typing words and navigating a tree (some kind of special control scheme for that), and nothing else.

But I think I wont.

@neauoire @eris @syntacticsugarglider @csepp another advantage of fully alphabetic syntaces is that you never need to leave the home row, and you have muscle memory and reading experience for everything you'll be typing, so even if it ends up longer, it may not end up being longer to read or write

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire @eris @csepp I want to say you aren't alone, but here I sit, seeing and appreciating but not contributing because I can only do one thing a year. Why are we all so finite. Why did we expect otherwise.

@theneko @neauoire this thing youtu.be/UD7xiWWs-bs but instead of carrying tanks it's carrying more batteries than anyone can afford just yet, and also a large kitchen

@theneko @neauoire hulking solar powered ground effect plane. Moves rarely but when it does move it moves extremely fast.

@vortex_egg @theruran @csepp That said I am interested in how these disciplines can inform the design of better systems for propagating information, I can believe that they have a lot to say.

@vortex_egg @theruran @csepp It's completely possible for an academic community to develop a much better understanding than anyone in tech of how information ecosystems work now, while having an inferior understanding of how they will work in the future, becuase they aren't party to the drastic changes that are constantly being inflicted on them.

(Which, come to think of it, is very similar to the split between academia and tech on actual climate systems... but never mind that)

@vortex_egg @theruran @csepp While studying spread instead of business appeals to me, it also resembles the exact *understand bad things after they happen, instead of making good things happen* divide that I am trying to warn you about.

You could spend your entire productive life trying to understand what is happening without developing any of the skills you'd need to stand a chance of actually changing what is yet to happen

@body I feel like the first step is finding a non-shit virtual board game platform, which would exclude Board Game Simulator afaik

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