@stephen I do recommend the method of fostering a sense of contempt for it. Dwell on how incipid it is until you don't enjoy it any more.

For instance, today a video came up about a new battery advance and all I could think about was how offensive it was that there was no textual transcript, that this guy was doing youtube videos instead of blogs. I left in disgust. That was the only video I looked at this morning.

spoilers for Agency (William Gibson), cursed politic 

@body IIRC (I forget where or how I heard this???) the point of the hillary president was supposed to be "but it changed nothing, almost all of our problems remained just as bad as they otherwise would have been"

Every morning I open youtube just to frown at the bad recommendations and not watch any of them. This ceremony reconfirms my commitments and prepares me for a productive day.

@dualhammers Some.
- seeing others in desperate need of something
- being in a situation where working on it is expected and assisted by others
- wanting to impress someone (declines with age)

Each of these relies on someone external

@dualhammers This is just what I've lived. I've looked for independent motivation within myself my whole life and I've found there isn't very much of it. Of others, it mostly seemed that they didn't even attempt to be self-motivated. They attached themselves to groups, they pursued what others said was good, they worked at their job and never at home.

@dualhammers I suppose "higher authorisation" might not intuitively characterise all external sources of motivation, they are not all noble, for instance, the one where a tom moves mountains to get something just cause one random pretty was nice to them once and asked for it

@nomand @neauoire this might be the first item I've ever seen on aliexpress that I actually believe is coming directly from the original manufacturer

@dualhammers It is. It is, although this is a limitation that I *am* quite sure everyone has. The amount of energy a person can focus without some form of higher Authorisation is very limited. Most people receive authorisation from their role models or their community, some, rare, receive authorisation from imagined deities, although it is arguable that the deity model coalesces mostly from a community's teachings, sometimes a bit of schizophrenia is involved

@dualhammers Starting experiments with a method of writing down all of the reasons I think the thing is objectively good and important and then having someone I respect and admire read it back to me. I've written the documents for my collaborators but so far nobody has autonomously read it back to me, I might have to explicitly ask.

@neauoire @nff social networks also use that model, each of their users is turned into a brand and all of their interactions are influenced by their brandification.

Okay, I guess some people don't use it like that, but my sense is that the more people try to be people rather than brands the less useful it is for finding good, important or interesting content

@dualhammers I wonder if there's an exercise I can do to teach my inner dogs to see always through the roughness of drafts to the perfection that lies beyond them, to keep them from abandoning the trail prematurely. I don't have one yet, though.

@neauoire @nff the sad reality is that I'm just going to read two or three and then forget it exists.

There are lots of good blogs but I don't really believe the "subscribe to specific brands who you know" model is The Way, there needs to be a reddit that's designed for people who respect themselves and where brands can be maintained and shared by thousands.

@neauoire @nff [Looks at codinghorror, covers face, overwhelmed with the number of high quality articles] I was supposed to do things today

@dualhammers I'm also worried that if I don't enjoy it in TTS I'll internalise this too deeply and come to feel like I wont enjoy it with physical stuff in the same room as people and lose motivation. Hmm I'll ask keith burgun if anything like that happened to him when he was prototyping dragon bridge. Not sure if it's just a problem I have or if it's a problem everyone has and is just less aware of what's happening to them.

@neauoire @nff There are only five :<. Are these a highly representative sample of what you see though?

Holyshit "expand my sensorium into underwater" when you're sailing around do you ever see wild stuff down there? Sunken ships, whales, nuclear subs, hypersonic nimitz objects, that sort of thing

@neauoire @nff may I see a screenshot of your view, in your RSS reader? What kind of things do yall see there every day?

@dualhammers In two minds about TTS. On the one hand, it's unrelatably janky, they don't pay game designers a good cut, on the other hand, I wouldn't expect to sell through it anyway, the jank seems fun and hilarious (watched youtube.com/watch?v=HR3f3e3OsM yesterday)

@dualhammers Making a game that *does* confront the purpose of play (but in adults, hence my not knowing some the answers for kids)

Mainly right now working on a tabletop game, Witching Lands, where we may learn about systems of optimisers, that don't have to fight, and the foundational civics that comes of that.

And a puzzle game for learning about pattern recognition

@eli_oat I don't feel like Pico-8 would be able to do it. It seems too limited. I'm looking into gamepad support and it looks like it only supports the left analogue stick for some reason??

I'm worried it might be kind of difficult to convince a kid who's never seen a commercial video game that there's fun to be had in these spaces? Too difficult if all we have is 128x128 pixels? And then they would not lrn2code, and then they would not take control of their digital existence, and then dystopia

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