@neauoire @rek Regarding mass unemployment due to automation, I'd anticipate that UBI will come onto the menu politically, the moment that really starts.

For a while I've been basting in the thesis that states will never again be able to apprehend the processes of industry. Starting to explore the possibility that perhaps there will be enough time, but a lot of it is going to be military, I'm not sure it would be good for the world to talk about why and how, here.

@InvaderXan @zzz @syntacticsugarglider There's an entire movement associated with Peter Singer: Effective Altruism, I think it is an instance of the missing thing you describe. A community of people who listen to philosophers, talk philosophy, and try to act on it.

Some other key figures in that movement include Hillary Greaves, Max Tegmark, Nick Bostrom, Derek Parfit, the FHI, the FLI, MIRI, CHAI. There's a meetup group in most cities.

@body I'd bet it's completely impossible for me to find literature about that.
Are our search engines woefully inadequate.

@neauoire Have you learned much about how to make it tasty.

The only thing I found that worked was merveilles.town/@faun/10368749 cause it's so bitter. Feels like something that is just so far outside of what humans evolved to enjoy eating. It's too advanced for us.

@jrc03c thought you were talking about NZ's democracy golem for a second and wondered what the hate was about

@jens @neauoire But how many validating nodes do there need to be? I don't know why there'd need to be more than like 200 worldwide.

@neauoire I don't think there's a reason ethereum couldn't be lightweight, eventually, and it's working towards that (proof of stake, etc), but yeah you wouldn't wanna even install the wallet right now.

Also it feels very unlongtermist in not seeming to have any proposals as to how to deal with the fact that it's not capable of any kind of parallelism. It's not prepared to grow. It has no plan.


There is a great need for funding for solar radiation management research. Fuck the taboo. This is something we will probably need if we want to prevent every single forest from desertifying.

(It would be nice if there were a system in place where whoever funds the research could be paid back by governments if the research pans out and convinces them to use it. I can't imagine a situation where those people shouldn't be paid back.)

@metasyn hm is Jai in this genre? Is WithEve in this genre?

@rek Kind of running out of chili oil (avocado oil heated with garlic and ginger for an hour before being sizzled with salted, slightly msg'd chili flakes and sichuan peppercorns) for the first time in a while and tried reverting to hot sauces. Disgusting. How did I ever tolerate these. Nothing compares. I'm going to be making this stuff forever.

@rek I might scale up the amount I use. I want shiitake in every mouthful.

I'm of the opinion that they're much more flavorsome when smaller.

@rek eating some {Chickpeas, Amaranth, Sesame seed, Rehydrated shiitake, avocado oil based sichuan chili oil} right now and it's incredible. Perfect pressure cooker food (though you have to make the chili oil separately and probably shouldn't cook with it in? dunno). Will I ever get tired of this

Learning about Nix OS

Apparently it figures out which packages are ongoing dependencies for something by scanning all of its result files for nix package paths or nix hashes. Things are pretty much never explicitly declared as runtime dependencies, it's just assumed that if the reference is there, it uses it.

I'm feeling very uncomfortable but I'm unable to argue that something is definitely wrong so I am remaining in the room

@glyph What's your fav piece of worldbuilding from there

Just heard that Taiwan gives everyone two legal name changes for free 💢 Taiwan, please administer my country

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@neauoire @dualhammers Web brutalism is an ergonomics-promoting idea, and left-justifying the main content is a way of signalling and promoting web brutalism, but I don't think it directly improves ergonomics for anyone.

My site centers/wraps like this:
html {
display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
align-items: flex-start;
align-content: center;
justify-content: center;
body { max-width: 650px; }

@body sounds like you might realize you need 10 hours of sleep

@body Once perfectly flat, rigid surfaces of snow have been developed, skiing will be solved and it wont be possible to turn any more god willing

@amatecha Hm. I think there's more than one other immediate mode framework for Rust, it's a good fit.

Says it has "a touch of animation". Not enough for games :< In crycog pretty much everything that happens will be smoothly animated because I'm operating at a slightly lower abstraction level. egui might be capable of that though idk.

But I think if you're making anything Serious, it becomes really inefficient to keep using immediate mode rendering? Then you start running into the problems.

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