@anandra No, I have bought no eth because I'm irrationally principled; considering deflationary currencies to be maybe unsupportably evil? Prefer investing in assets whose mechanisms I understand to be pretty clearly beneficial on balance.

There are arguments from the kinds of people who'd be interested in technologies like ethereum that blockchains are genuinely useful for only a few things, most of the hype is just from speculators.

@neauoire It's ethereum, right? They're in the process of switching to proof of stake right now.

@body As a member of the aotearoa indie scene I can tell you I knew absolutely nothing about this until today

@neauoire He was probably already funding the community development programes though, I dunno, let him live

@cblgh Looking forward to finding out that the desktop-compatible framework I adopted to avoid web apps' memory leaks, Flutter, has memory leaks.

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people say how am i 'doing?' am i 'okay'?? is an ocean wave okay? is a hummingbird?

@NeuroWinter Decided caffeine was just a bad drug and stopped fucking with it entirely recently. I miss tea a lot, but sleep is just not drama for me.

I sleep nine hours before sunrise, wake with sun.

@body any old android phone can take a keyboard usually

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The subconscious is just a wolf that was absorbed into the body of an early human

@theneko Harrowing vision of a future microsoft gaming console.

@neauoire I'd love to have you on for design. But you might not want to run a flutter build environment yourself :S so idk. I guess you can just draw the info in the mock screenshots with your own style and I can replicate it in the flutter widgettree.

It's interesting how flutter differs from the web. There's not really a distinction between styling and structure, on reflection, I come to think; why should there be. There is a separation between state and UI though.

@neauoire @cblgh Yes. I don't think it narrows in on the differences between what cblgh is doing and what tastenet/relclub will be, I should write that up sometime for him, I think cblgh already had a lot of these thoughts, so the post might have been boring for him.

@neauoire Yeah. I got more specific recently. I think I pretty much explain what the initial version is going to be in a comment somewhere in there. It will be like that. I think this will work. I'll write about it once the mockup is done and I can put screenshots of it in there and hand it out to readers (or until I give up on flutter and just draw screens in inkscape lol (but flutter is going well so far))

@neauoire Reading this... the original page for agoric computing is down. The echoes here don't make sense to me, conceptually. Starting to think that my ideosyncratic interpretation of the concept will always be what the term means to me, and then perhaps to others

@neauoire "Agora" sounds suggestive of "agoric computing" lesswrong.com/posts/5XzQQHwYtS , a concept put forth by FHI-associated philosopher Eric Drexler.

I tend to use the term to mean "every operation on the resource is payed for by the ones who invoke, rather than the one who created the resource, spreading the cost burden" or something. Maybe I have a strange idea of if, but to me that seemed like the most transformative aspect of it.

@neauoire Hmm no. It sounds a lot like a thing I wanted to make. But I found that developing (even just designing) a programming language was taking too long so now I am trying to make something a bit less dynamic ( lesswrong.com/posts/ZdtFBCtixq )
Endeavoring to mock some UI up in Flutter in this moment.

Conference in formal verification (methods perfectly secure software) fmie2021.github.io/, sounds really awesome, people from the FHI and Deepmind. I was invited but I'm probably not worthy of it (I work mainly in games, my software doesn't need to be secure at all right now), so, passing it along.

Didn't we know some people who worked in digital democracy? They might want to get in on this. If you can't really trust your systems, there are many civic processes you wont be able to implement

@syntacticsugarglider contemporary development methodology: Memory is infinite, buy a SSD.

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