@jameschip Would you go to war over taste?

It seems that he hasn't broken any social contract, and that he understands what he has done, that it primarily affects him more than anyone else, and that he sincerely wanted it. I tend to be careful about being angry in cases like this, knowing of nothing that could ever reconcile us.


@body I don't think communicating compat backfired, note. The version I received is only different in minor ways and doesn't really produce many object level conflicts.

I guess it comes down to whether it can be presented without internal conflict bringing shame to it, I believe I can simply not do internal conflict.

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@bee Did you ever see wolfram's fundamental physics stuff. A cool thing was that if you add extra spacial dimensions during springforce layout, then project down to 3d for the visualization, the shapes often end up being a lot cleaner.

@tomharris @body I know that tegmark developed an "artificial physicist" thing recently so he must have some insight into the technology as it exists.

That aside though, none of those three are in the business of estimating when AGI will happen afaik. Don't think you need to be to realize what happens afterwards if the utility function is wrong.

@syntacticsugarglider regarding infinite scrolling and scrollbars, yeah, more people need to bite the bullet and do what @cancel did with ripcord. No more scroll tab.

@syntacticsugarglider You can grab them easily if the window's maximized I guess, just ram the mouse to the side of the screen and you're there (but in no other circumstance)

@body If you're referring to Bostrom, Tegmark or Russel (let alone all of them) as hucksters I think that's actually kind of unhinged.

@csepp Stopped there because I knew nobody would ever want to define utility functions for their widgets and also do we really need to involve graphics hardware in layout algorithms?? (no, I have never missed having this)

@csepp A long time ago I explored doing layout by giving every widget a utility function over spacial dimensions. Essentially, that would be represented in memory as a monochromatic texture where the color value increases at different rates as you go further away from the origin.

Found functions for combining them (finding the utility function of a space allocated to multiple input widgets). I don't remember what they were but I don't think they were hard to derive. That was sufficient.

@bee @dualhammers Ezra's hope was mainly that open sourcing would speed things up now.

I don't think affordability is going to be an issue, most of these companies are highly mission-driven rather than profit-driven (probably the reason none of them are publicly traded)

@dualhammers @bee If you open source enough of the processes, that wont be a very exclusive group. Hm I get the impression that farmers find it quite easy to get loans, is that true, and would that apply to cell ag too.

@dualhammers @bee I wish I knew anything about the process's inputs, how the nutrient solutions are made, what they are made of, but this is probably proprietary (which lends support to the position Ezra Klein promoted on a recent 80K podcast (80000hours.org/podcast/episode); more of this stuff needs to be open sourced. Maybe EA should be donating to DIY open source cell ag. Maybe my chapter should do a session on this.)

@carcinopithecus Why did it seem like it was imminent all your life. I'm pretty sure I only started hearing about it like 5 years ago.

We used to talk about the concept of meat that grows without a brain when we were kids, but it didn't feel imminent then.

@dualhammers I think it's important to focus on approaches that may work in light of the seemingly insoluble depravity of humanity.


Wow okay apparently more than one cellular agriculture company has launched or is ready to launch once the regulations clear.

This is actually really moving to me.. This will make such a huge impact.

@gendor Should merveilles get a page, or do we have to be filed under Health Goth, or should we just remain illegible

@body You know intimately the fuel of so much bigotry then; the curse insists that others could not be so different from us, deep down, their behavior must be some lack or dysfunction.

@neauoire This still feels like troll physics to me. shouldn't work.

@sunflower_avenue @csepp effectivealtruism.org/ is basically the community of that btw. Consequentialists. Solely interested in impact, measured or argued with thorough precision.

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