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We've been growing this

A common creeping fuzz-leafed plant, Kōkihi is generally not eaten by any pest insects. It needs to be boiled to reduce its oxalate content.

It is native to japan and new zealand.
Why oat milk is expensive right now.
I wonder if Oatly are scaling as fast as they could, or if they're being too risk-averse.

Thinking about it, I guess some depth probably can be made attractive to users. Show them someone using the thing to do cool things. They'll get excited. If it's really well demonstrated, they'll start thinking of unique things they can do with it. Make software that vibes like Magicka.

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Shallow UX: Learn how to do five things, it's very easy to learn, now you can do exactly five things.

Deep UX: Learn how to do five things, it's challenging, but interesting. Now you can combine those actions in different ways to do basically anything.

I've only ever been interested in deep ux but there's inevitably only a market for shallow ux, because it's impossible for an atomised individual to evaluate the quality of a deep ux without having it and spending time getting to know it.

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@neauoire I can already see ways of clarifying this further but is it clear enough?

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@faun When I was studying for my final exams in Genetics, I used to contribute what I was learning to Wikipedia, which at that time had less extensive information on general microbiology, plant science, and immunology. I found it helped loads.
I also wrote haiku to condense topics. I hope I find my little book of science haiku someday.. :)

For a bit I was thinking of giving Crycog a text adventure component, but I decided that two layers of overworld was too many.
I can imagine going back to this, but feature creep is how I died last time so I'll avoid it for now.

There's a scholarly virtue where every time you learn something, you plan out how to teach it at the same time (making a note of which book you found it in, for instance), as knowledge that wont be handed down might as well not exist, knowledge that wont be passed on will only stop growing and disappear.

For knowledge to spread reasonably quickly, everyone who learns it must also teach it.

I don't have this virtue. I'd like us to develop it.

Perhaps pure internecine war doesn't exist in nature. Even all of those tribal genocides we see in the wild and in the genetic fossil record became another type of fitness contest, with honour rules and some sort of judges standing on the sidelines

The idea of honour in battle would be bizarre if you thought they were pure weapons, so I don't think they are uwu.

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I have to concede that there is something sweet and beautiful about yomi games. Most of the flashy flamboyance in the natural world results from these absurd contests between males, they seem to live for it, and the fitness contests unique to humans might sometimes be meritocratic.

I wonder if humans can compartmentalise war strategy from peaceful fitness contest strategy. I don't think they can, remember how long it took them to figure out camouflaged uniforms!

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(to clarify the previous tweet) If you spend your energy getting good at recursively out-predicting people (the yomi game), you will get worse at the nash equilibrium game (biased randomised strategies that can't be exceeded with that sort of prediction), when you meat a nash player you will lose.

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@body I think the word for "apex yomi" is just "nash equilibrium" isn't it (or, "the nash")

I have been arguing with game designers about whether people should try to use headism to win at yomi games like a man, or just ignore yomi games and play the nash like an adult.

Also peep the witchy fig tree overhead. It gives me feelings.

Autumn is dawning. My coat takes on a skin of black

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This log is was inoculated with plugs of shiitake spores about 5 months ago, and the damp season has just begun cc::
I feel its spirits humming, preparing to emerge

Considering simulating some variation of IP theft. Closed's tech grows every time Open's does. Open's tech does not grow every time Closed's does. Not sure about this though. The original inventor always has a bit of an advantage, and ideas don't grow very well in the shade.

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Wait how do they make powerstations and miners. Shit.
Uhhhh hearts make them (should I just do like starcraft and make hearts be miners :{ )

There are also going to need to be some units that can operate off-grid. I'm not sure how much scouting there should be in this though. A force that's really interested in protecting its privacy can really fog things up with radio jamming and by shooting down any satellites as soon as they go up

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Considering making a minimal wargame to explore the effects of information assymetries

I am fairly serious about pursuing this design, btw, if anyone wants to help me to build a pitch for a producer, then spend the next 5 years of my life directing an auckland-based team in making a game about exploring beautiful alien crypts, we should straight up do it

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