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I'm looking for a new phone and it's not really going well.

This might have something to do with why the Fairphone 3 opted not to use OLED. If you want to make a phone that ages gracefully, LCD might be the only option

(micro LED is coming, but it's still years out)

It's nice to know that the typical electric car battery is like 90% recyclable. This percentage will increase over time, as battery recycling industry is still young and operating at relatively low scales.

If population stabilizes, there will come a point where not much mining will need to be done any more. (very doubtful of the people who think it's going to stabilize right now though. It doesn't make much sense, and I just noticed a network somewhere around Karin Kuhlemann that dissents.)

If you want me to be less ambiguous, generally, no, I can't. As a workaround, please just never look at me.

Dr Greger advocates 50mcg on one page and 250mcg (or 2500mcg weekly) on another
I'm gonna call it for 250 I guess

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aaa wtf he recommend a dose 5x higher than what I'd get from the average pill here (he recommends at least 250mcg) but doesn't cite that part

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A more extensive article from former vegan Chris Kresser:

"A study from Tufts University found that 40 percent of people between the ages of 26 and 83 have plasma B12 levels in the low normal range, a range at which neurological symptoms can occur"

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The belief "veganism is natural for humans" is not harmless. There don't seem to be any bioavailable plant-based sources of b12. If you were to live that belief, you can get permanent nervous system damage

"There is only one reliable test for a B12 source - does it consistently prevent and correct deficiency?"

I was worried at first that this was all just going to be a bit superficial, but it feels like the benefits are adding up to something really solid. I believe in them and I'm going to give them my Quiet Code concept (Quiet Code is generated code that's folded away, which lets the language do implicit intelligent magical things in such a way that you can also see it and edit it when you need to. You can't really do this in plain text, and it would actually improve the way languages are designed.)

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A recent presentation on the big features of the upcoming post-textual programming language Dion

- no tabs, no spaces, indents fully variable as a client setting (not present in the code)
- braces optional, code just is a tree
- edit the name at the definition and the names at the sites of use update too
- code zooming as an alternative to code folding, moving between levels of detail
- editor pretty, animations c:
- can edit the code in code search query views

This human-powered hydrofoil race has a nourishing vibe to me. exuberant variety

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Hmm this probably turned out dark because there was something wrong with the oil. Turns out it tastes (on its own) like rancid soybean oil. Drastically different from the previous bottle.

Apparently most avocado oil on the market in US actually is adulterated or off.

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@rek ever consider recording yourself cooking? I find that for my best recipes, every movement is a crafted technique, my tools are important, how the ingredients look as they cook, it's all relevant, the reader might want to see it all.

It's not MSG it's "Ajinomoto", it's "fermentation extract"

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Very special spiced oil (ingredients: refined avocado oil, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, anise, sichuan peppercorns, onion, salt, flavor enhancer 621)
The stuff I prepare for myself usually has chili in it, so this will probably be a gift. I will miss it. It's kind of amazing. I don't know why it turned out black.

There is a great need for funding for solar radiation management research. Fuck the taboo. This is something we will probably need if we want to prevent every single forest from desertifying.

(It would be nice if there were a system in place where whoever funds the research could be paid back by governments if the research pans out and convinces them to use it. I can't imagine a situation where those people shouldn't be paid back.)

Learning about Nix OS

Apparently it figures out which packages are ongoing dependencies for something by scanning all of its result files for nix package paths or nix hashes. Things are pretty much never explicitly declared as runtime dependencies, it's just assumed that if the reference is there, it uses it.

I'm feeling very uncomfortable but I'm unable to argue that something is definitely wrong so I am remaining in the room

Just heard that Taiwan gives everyone two legal name changes for free 💢 Taiwan, please administer my country

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Aubrey Tang's Taiwan is so competent that they should be allowed to expand into neighboring states. I am furious that this is not how the world works.

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